Although Morty has a lot of energy for a senior, his happy place is on his human’s lap. He’s a very adaptable guy and doesn’t get phased by new situations.He gets along well with other dogs and simply loves human attention. He has next to no prey drive, so cats aren’t an issue for him. He was found on the street, but he’s quickly picking up commands and is eager to please. He can sit and stay and has excellent recall. He is house trained and crate trained, but we are working on his separation anxiety when left alone. He’ll need structure so he can continue to gain more confidence and independence in his new home.

Although his coat sheds very little if at all, Morty came to us with very itchy skin from flea dermatitis. It is recommended that he remain on a grain free fish based food and his current allergy medication helps keep things in check. This can be revisited with the adopters veterinarian as he may not require it long term.
Morty is neutered, has had a dental and is fully up to date on vaccinations.

Adoption Fee: $300