Faey is a 2 year old husky lab mix and is a friendly, gentle gir. As a former reserve dog she really enjoys the company of other dogs, but also likes to cuddle up in your lap and have her belly rubbed. She is fully house trained although prefers to do her business on her walks. She isn’t destructive at all and can be left loose in the house but we are working on crate training. She struggles with the idea of going into her crate, but is quiet once she actually goes inside. She likes to collect her toys and any shoes left lying around, so you will often find her curled up on her bed with all her treasures (none destroyed or damaged). Her absolute favourite thing to do is hang out in the sun and watch nature at work and would do best with an active family, who will take her out and keep her busy. She is friendly when meeting new people – a little reserved at first, she does warm up quickly but the social butterfly in her takes a few meetings to truly shine through. 

Faey is a very laid back girl, very easy going, really an overall easy dog. She would love it if she could live in the country, but would adjust to suburban life just fine, as long she can enjoy the great outdoors and a good run. Another bonus is she loves care rides and travels easily. She is good with respectful kids, is great with dogs and and can live with dog savvy cats that will put her in her place.  She has minimal food and toy drive but does enjoy her squeaky toys, and will also try to chase birds, squirrels and rabbits if given the opportunity. She is fully vaccinated and spayed. This little beauty will steal your heart with how sweet and adorable she is.

Adoption fee $400