Dudley is an amazing one year old Basset Hound cross. He consists of Luv Bug and Goofball, he loves everyone men, women, children and other dogs. He has not been cat tested but with his sweet disposition He would likely be ok. Because he is big (55 LBS and not finished putting on weight) and a little clumsy he would be best with older children. He does need some leash manners so an obedience class would be helpful. With the use of a Halti he is in total control in walks. Dudley is perfectly house trained and will accept the crate when you go out. His jaw appears to have been broken at some point and healed misaligned, but this adds to his charm. His adopter should keep an eye on it as he grows but it causes him no pain or concern at the moment and he still eats and plays just fine. He is a very affectionate dog and will take every opportunity to cuddle with his humans. We are looking for a home with a fully fenced yard, someone home often and another dog or older kids would be a big bonus for him.

Dudley’s adoption fee is $400 and he’s fully vetted and neutered.