Meet Benji, a sweet and gentle Shih Tzu who came in as a stray. This affectionate little dog loves to show his appreciation with tiny licks and thoroughly enjoys a chin scratch. Though he can be timid, Benji is always happy to be around his people and he shows his silly side whenever food is involved (especially if this food is cheese)! He is still learning not to be afraid of loud noises and sudden movements, so a quiet home with understanding humans would be the best fit. Benji would also prefer to be the only dog in the house as not only does he have little interest in being around other dogs but they tend to make him nervous.

Benji is house trained and can be left uncrated as he is not destructive when he’s by himself. He would love to be in a home where someone is around more often than not as he likes to stay close to his humans. Benji enjoys his walks and is polite on a leash. Benjie has been neutered and is up to date on all shots. He has been treated for an eye ulcer, which is now healed but he does require eye gel for the next few weeks to keep his eye lubricated.

Adoption Fee: $400.00