Meet Fred, a 7 yr old Coonhounds luv bug. He has come such a long way since coming into care with Ottawa Dog Rescue, and he is loving human affection and indoor living. He is incredibly sweet and affectionate and enjoys sniffing around in the yard. Housetraining is coming along very well and the marking has dwindled with correction and training. Being an outdoor dog, it was a learning process for him and he is catching on really well 🙂
He does take comfort from the presence of another dog, and having another friendly dog in the home will definitely help any anxiety he might feel with the transition to a new home. He still needs work on leash but is highly food motivated and treats work great for training. He is a typical hound in that he can bark/bay for a short while when first crated but is then silent for the night – he would likely be able to be loose once settled into the home and can be trusted not to mark ( this can take a few days with any new dog). He may even wiggle his way into bed with you that’s how much he loves people. He does not have an aggressive nature but with his prey drive he does like to get involved in a squirrel chase with the rest of the pack. He is good with other dogs, and there has been no resources guarding seen at all.

He is amazing with people and because he has been so starved for affection, he craves it and will soak it up like a dry sponge. He loves to be pet and to lean on you. He can pretty much be touched and manipulated every where with no issues. This older boy is just looking for a home where he can sniff in the yard to his hearts content, sleep indoors on a comfy pillow and be showered with affection from his humans. He is up to date on vaccinations, neutered and tested heartworm negative.

Adoption Fee – $300