Fanny is a fun-loving Airedale Terrier who found herself in a shelter at 9 years of age. She loves to walk and will bounce excitedly when the leash comes out. Fanny rarely barks. though you’ll know if there is a Thunder storm coming, she hates them and wants to be close to people to ride out the storm.

Fanny has energy that defies her age, though she can tire easily so she needs a rest after her playtime. She has arthritis beginning in her hind legs, so daily supplements are suggested and she may require pain management later in the future. Fanny is very well-behaved and calm in the house and does well with children. She is non-destructive and can be trusted loose in the house, she will just curl up on her blanket and sleep until you get home. She is also playful with other dogs. Fanny would love to meet you and see if you’re a match for her!

Adoption Fee: $300