Winston and DeeDee are bonded 10 year old Yorkshire Terriers looking for their forever home. They are a little over 2 kilos each but don’t let their size fool you, they have big characters for such small dogs. They came to ODR as their owner was having health issues so they were loved but a little neglected at the end. Having their health issues resolved has added years to their lives, they can be so silly. Both dogs had their teeth extracted and will now require soft food. DeeDee also had several kidney stones removed so a soft urinary diet dog food is recommended. They are very similar but very different at the same time. They are both very smart and learn quickly. They are pee pad trained but Winston is learning to do his business outside. DeeDee on the other hand likes to go outside for a little pee but prefers to come inside to finish. They both love to be where you are and are very nosy as they need to know what you’re doing at all times. They aren’t crated at night as both need to get up in the night but they use the pee pad and go back to bed. They are non destructive when left alone but DeeDee can be vocal asking to go with you when you’re leaving. They may bark if they hear something but a look or a correction quickly resolves that. They have no quarrel with cats and love people. They travel easily, Winston curls up in the car seat and sleeps and DeeDee is the navigator as she stands and watches everything. DeeDee and Winston may take a little time to settle in but when they do, they are wonderful companions, loving and cuddly and so sweet.

Adoption Fee: $500(for the pair)