Wilbur is about 6-7 years old. He is a very sweet and calm little dog who loves to relax and get attention, without being too needy. He is house and crate trained but can be left alone without being destructive. He rarely barks and is good with everyone he meets as well as with other dogs.

He was diagnosed with a level 4/5 heart murmur but his heart and lungs were clear in the X-rays and he is now on medication to help keep him happy. He takes one pill morning and night and it is approx. $70 per month.
Wilburs adoption fee will be lowered to $200 in order to help find him the most loving home possible. He has weakness in his back end but it doesn’t stop him from getting around and he still does stairs, gets in and out of cars no problem etc. He likes to take short walks and lounge with his people.

Wilbur is currently being fostered at The Westin Ottawa. If you would like to meet him please send in an application and we will coordinate with the Westin team – we would hate for someone to show up and be disappointed if he isn’t available to meet.