Meet Paige She is a 2-3 yr old chiwennie (chi X doxie) and is a fantastic little girl. She comes to us as a stray from the streets of the Dominican Republic where she was rescued and brought to Canada for a chance at a better life. Yes – we will occasionally take in appropriately vetted dogs from international rescues to help out as we believe rescue knows no borders.

Paige (affectionately nicknamed Poco) is very sweet, loving, playful and smart. She loves walks, car rides, treats and playing with people and other dogs of all sizes. She barks when in the crate, so an apartment or attached housing won’t work for her. She has been exposed to kids of all ages with no big issue other than some light mouthing. This week’s job is to finish house training. She’s mostly there but still has the odd accident. She shows no food or toy guarding at all and is perfect on leash. She would really love to have a canine friend or someone home as she does get lonely if left for a full work day.

Her adoption fee is $400 and the application can be found on our website :