Bondar , a puppy mill survivor is a typical lab – she loves everyone. She may be starting her senior years, yet she is more active than many dogs half her age, and will need an active home. She is also on a weight-loss journey, so requires a minimum of an hour of walking / ball throwing daily. She loves other dogs and people of all ages, but she is excitable and loves to give face washes. Her manners have been improving, but she does pull very strongly on walks and can jump up and lick. Bondar rarely barks and is easily crated, yet she can be left out in the home as she is non-destructive and perfectly house trained. She stayed away from the resident cat, but has growled occasionally so it’s unknown how she would react to another cat.

Bondar’s ideal home would have a similar sized canine friend – she LOVES to wrestle and play – and have plenty of time for snuggles on the couch. She recently had a cancerous cyst removed but her prognosis is great as it was a non-invasive growth and her scans are clear – it will need yearly monitoring. She is a wonderfully sweet dog who is always happy with life, and will bring a lot of love to her forever home

Adoption Fee: $400