Hi, my name is Ernie and I am Linc’s foster fur-brother — let me tell you, that he is a great little guy and deserves a loving home — maybe, not with little people as they move too fast for him and he gets startled easily. He told me that he would love to have another fur-brother or sister to play and people to cuddle with…He knows how to sleep in a crate at night and settles quickly but, when my parents are out for a while, he is quite content to sleep beside me on the couch…oops, maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that — don’t tell anyone! He told me he is about 3 but doesn’t know when his birthday is (that’s ok because I told when he gets ‘dopted, he will have a gotcha day which is like a birthday)…his parents were a Dachshund and a Lab but he looks like a Dachsie but barks like a Lab…go figure! My mom took him to the vet and he is healthy and has been n’trd (whatever that means)….My brother and I love having Linc here but he really deserves his own family ’cause he has so much happiness and love to share….

Adoption Fee: $400.00