Kermit is such a sweet little Schnauzer. At just over at 10 years old and 20 pounds, he still thinks that he belongs on your lap. He did have a rough start in life, but you really wouldn’t know it after 5 minutes with him. He is gentle and quiet, and really only wants someone who will cuddle with him every day. He is quiet and clean in his crate at night and very patient at bath time. He actually likes getting blow-dried after a bath! This little piggy has very little hair. He is currently growing back all of the hair on his back and neck – it looks as though his hair will all come back, and with a little TLC, Kermit will hopefully be a fluffy white Schnauzer again in no time! Kermit loves going for walks, but he doesn’t really like major traffic sounds like car horns, and buses. When out on a walk, Kermit will greet everyone but he is great on a leash, and very respectful and gentle when meeting new people and dogs. Kermit is a little shy, but once he has a chance to get to know you, he will come out of his shell in no time. Kermit has no teeth! This toothless wonder will have to eat softened kibble but that won’t slow him down! Kermit also takes daily Thyroid medication that he will have to take two times per day for the rest of his life. He just takes his pill at meal times with no fuss at all. Kermit gets along well with dogs (both big & tiny), cats, and humans (both big & tiny). All Kermit wants is to find a home where he can nap, eat, and cuddle with you every day.

Adoption fee: $300