Hammy is a ham – he’s an 11.5 week old lab mix who loves life and everyone. He wants to be around his people, and in your face (we’re working on improving this but it is hard to resist his adorable puppy enthusiasm). He has been taught some basic manners, and he was quick to learn, however he will need an active home that is able to expose him to new adventures and willing to work on basic training.

He would benefit from the company of an older sibling, although he plays rough with a lot of growling so would need a playmate who enjoys that style.

He has not yet been exposed to children, and due to his energy he would probably be best in a home without very young ones. He has not met cats, although it seems likely he would want to play with them.

This little guy thinks he is invincible, and would love a home that will offer both cuddles and adventures.

Adoption Fee: $550