Meet Kesha, a gorgeous, smallish (35 pounds) husky mix. She was listed as 9 years old at the shelter but looks and acts much younger. Kesha is in excellent health. This shy girl was rescued from a shelter in a terrified state. Since being in foster care, she has come out of her shell and is proving to be a very gentle, quiet, sweet girl who can give a good high five and loves belly rubs. She is still skiddish in new situations and with new people, but warms up quickly.

A calm, quiet home with adults and older children would be perfect for her as she is uncomfortable with young children. She is fine with other dogs but has not been cat tested. She is house trained and can be trusted to be loose in the house when no one is home. She has a very unique look, with her one blue and one brown eye, her regal snout with long neck, and her gorgeous colouring. Kesha will make a wonderful companion.