Tony is a 7yr young brindle Cane Corso who is an absolute sweetheart and is in great shape. He has been adjusting very well to all the new changes in his life. Tony is being fostered with T&T Dogs Unleashed and his foster mom has been doing a lot of great work with him as part of her pack of working dogs.

Tony is truly a gentle loving giant and has been learning his basic commands – we have introduced sit, down, place, kennel up to go into his crate and come when called. Loose leash walking was important with Tony because he is such a big strong dog – he needed to have manners while walking on a leash. Tony has been working hard in training and has been put through a number of different scenarios, all of which he did really well in.

Tony has finally come to accept his crate at night as his safe place to be. But, during the day he much prefers to snuggle up on his bed. He can be trusted loose in house when no one is home – he won’t get into anything unless you have left a tasty treat on the counter. It’s really easy for him to reach countertops because he is so tall.

With working dogs in the foster home, Tony has been part of their every day routine. He goes out with them for a hike as part of their daily exercise and during this time Tony has learned to be part of the pack. He has been exploring the new areas and working on his skills. Every day and every place that Tony went was a training opportunity which meant he went everywhere with his foster mom. Tony is a great traveller in the vehicle and loves it when we say “let’s go for a car ride”. He will beat you to the door. Tony has been on many adventures and one in particular was going to a horse farm with his foster/trainer for a consultation and he did very well with the horses. He sniffed them and met other dogs on site with no issues. He has been exposed to many people with out any concerns – he just wants to be wanted and loved.

He does well with medium and large sized dogs, but gets annoyed with high energy little dogs that are too pushy. He enjoys being with his people when they are home. Just knowing you are there is especially important to him, so a home with people around more often than not would be ideal. Tony is very laid back but he does have a lot of energy when it comes time for it and daily exercise is a must. He’s also very motivated and eager to please. Due to his size and love of people he needs a home with no young kids – he can easily knock them over.

Good with dogs? yes (medium large) no small dogs
Good with cats? yes
Good with people? Yes, he loves everyone
Housetrained? Yes
Crate trained? Yes though he is currently only crated at night and is non- destructive