Meet Sadie, an adorable, friendly and playful 9 month old Border collie cross. Sadie is settling well into foster care and loves to follow her humans around the house. She is learning how to live in a house and is working on her house and crate training. Sadie is not fully house-trained and will have accidents around the house, however, she is quickly improving! She can be destructive around the house and needs to be crated when left alone. Sadie is adjusting to walking on a leash and will pull when she sees something interesting. She gets along well with other dogs and her favourite activity is heading to the dog park to run and play with the other dogs. She is a high energy dog and would benefit from an enclosed backyard or regular trips to the dog park. She is very sociable and always wants to greet anyone she meets. Sadie is fine around cats, showing no aggression towards the household cat, but due to her playful personality, will chase it if he runs away.

Sadie is very intelligent and is quickly learning commands, understanding sit, stay, and come. She would benefit from an owner who will continue training her and meeting her exercise needs. Sadie gets along well with children and would make a great dog for an active family.

Adoption fee: $400