AVAILABLE for adoption!!

This dashing older gentleman is Bob, a 9 year old-ish schnauzer. He arrived in care in pretty bad shape but under all that mess was a sweet well behaved little guy. He is totally housetrained, crate trained, non destructive and is starting to be more playful and affectionate now that his medical needs have been taken care of. We were initially told he may have a grade 3/4 heart murmur but turns out it’s only a 2 mayyyyybe a 3. He underwent his dental and neuter with no issues at all and is in great health. He LOVES his walks and is stellar on leash. He is good with other dogs though may whine to be with them and then follow them everywhere, we think he would love a home all to himself. When he came in he had some anxious whining but that has pretty much disappeared with some training from his foster family as it was a learned behaviour (he would be totally quiet when no one was around to listen). Once this little guy settles in he will be a wonderful companion.

Adoption Fee: $300