Hi! I’m Schneider an approx. 13-16wk old Male Schnoodle. My foster mum says I look like a hyena with a beard and Mohawk, and I am so cute and cuddly and soon I will have a home to call my own. I can be a bit barky, as I have fantastic hearing so I tend to be alerted when I hear noises out of the ordinary. I LOVE to jump and I’m told I’m a fast moving puppy, as I love to Run! My favourite activities are fetch and chasing bugs in the grass.

I am learning basic command and doing very well. I am rewarded with a toy or some kibble when I do a good job and make sure I give my foster mom good eye contact. It shows her I’m paying attention. I’m learning how to be patient when I’m let outside to pee, when a door is opened I really do want to be the first puppy out, but I’m told I need to be respectful and wait my turn.

I am crate trained and I really do enjoy my house. It’s a safe and secure place for me. I can make a bit of a fuss when I have to stay in my crate during the day, but I settle down and I fall asleep peacefully. I’m told self soothing is a confidence builder. At night I sleep in my crate for a full 6.5- 7 hours before I need to go outside for a pee. Did I mention I’m housetrained? I do my bathroom duties very quickly but I prefer if my foster mum is with me, I’m a little nervous of being left by myself, but I’m growing more confident with that everyday. I haven’t had one accident at my foster family’s house. As long as you take me outside after a play, my meals or a nap, I’m a very good puppy. Once I know what door I’m suppose to wait at to go outside, I sit eagerly beside it waiting for you to let me outside.

I am receiving a lot of exposure to other people, dogs and sounds. My foster mum takes me with her to work so I can continue to be socialized on a daily basis. I’m learning to walk on leash but most of all I really like running and bounding through the grass, a fenced in backyard is ideal for me. I do love other dogs, but my human is especially important to me, I’m looking for my perfect forever home that understands my breed and temperament. I am part schnauzer so my mind and body need exercise, my nose is particular keen and I have been enjoying games of hide and seek – out my ball that could be hidden anywhere! I love this game and need to be worked so I stay alert but calm. If you’re looking for a mix of gentle and eager, I’m your guy!!