Allie came into care in September with a crooked little smile, weak knees and a large mammary tumor between her legs. She had several tumors removed and during her spay, they found she had megacolon and removed six inches of colon. The doctor thinks Allie may have had this for many years so it meant Allie has had a longer recovery time. She’s also had a complete dental but was able to keep her adorable smile. We think Allie may have been a breeding dog but now, this 8 +/- year old darling is ready for her forever home. With her hair is growing in, we see the Maltese coming out in her and she’s going to be gorgeous.

To help her colon, we’ve kept her on a soft food diet with a tbsp of pumpkin mixed in. But no medication, yayyy! Allie does have loose knees but it doesn’t slow her down. The doctor feels she may develop arthritis in her knees in her later years but that’s common with small dogs and keeping her at her present 4 kg weight will go a long way to preventing that.

Allie quietly asks to go outside to do her business and does well when left alone for a couple of hours as long as she’s been out before you go. She loves her walks in the warm weather but now that the cold weather is here, it’s a different story. Fortunately she gets enough exercise by playing in the house in the winter.
Allie can take her time to warm up to someone but once she does, she becomes a real lap dog. She likes nothing better than to curl up on your lap or in your neck. She does bark at the door but we’re working on the “quiet” command. Allie would do well in a quieter home; she loves small children but can get over stimulated. She is starting to accept the cat, noticed the two of them cuddled together the other day. She loves her naps but also loves play time. She is starting to play and enjoys each and every one of her toys. If you throw one of her plushies, she bounces off to fetch it and sometimes brings it back.

As we can only guess at her past, we are looking for the best possible future for Allie, could your home be the place for her?

Adoption Fee $300