Hannah is a sweet and bubbly 3.5 year old mini-poodle. She will make a wonderful companion to a family that can accommodate Hannah’s tailored health care regimen. Hannah has made a dramatic recovery from a serious skin allergy disorder. A routine of medication, bathing and controlled diet keeps Hannah healthy, happy and active.

She is blind in one eye, has the common poodle luxating patellas, and an unconcerning heart murmur. These health issues are not affecting her quality of life and do not require treatment.  She doesn’t do stairs well so a home with multiple levels would not be a good fit. Due to her skin condition, she cannot have vaccinations & a vet certificate can be provided for travel.

Hannah is a delightful dog who wants to please and needs very little training. She is fully housetrained but needs to go out often during the day due to her medication. She will use a pee pad on the occasions she needs to be left alone more than 4 hours and sleeps through the night fitfully. Hannah is crate trained for travelling and loves the car. She also loves lap cuddles, belly-rubs, walks and being outside.

She is a little timid with people and dogs at first but ultimately loves attention and playing with her companion dogs. Hannah would make a great playmate for a similar sized dog who likes to play.

Everyone who has met Hannah has commented on how sweet and cuddly she is and what a great pet she will make for the right home.

Hannah’s ideal home would be a quiet home, small family, perhaps retired couple who have time to manage the tasks needed for her care, feeding and adherence to her medication schedule. A bonus would be a compatible doggy companion to play with.

The medication/diet will cost about $90 per month. Hannah’s adoption fee is waived as a compassionate adoption.