Cute Factor – Check…Good with kids – Check 🙂

Tina and Chester are a bonded pair, meaning they will be adopted together. They are two sweet little souls who found themselves needing rescue when their owner passed away.

Tina is 8 yrs old and the calmest affectionate little girl you could ask for. Chester is her 4 year old son and he is a happy go lucky energetic little guy. They both LOVE to snuggle and be cuddled by their people. They adapt to other dogs but it takes a bit of time, they are not aggressive just unsure and may be a bit growly until they are comfortable.

Both are house trained, and can be crated together. Chester has been recently neutered but a belly band for the first little while would be recommended until he learns where to go.

They are both fully vetted, fixed and Chester had a dental as well.

The adoption fee for these two cuties is $600 for both..