Murray is a gentle loving 2 year old black lab mix. Typical of his breed he enjoys time with his humans and fur family the most. That being said he will need to go to a home with another pet that he can enjoy playtime and relax with when their humans aren’t home.

Murray is still young and very large (about 75lbs) so training is a must for his new family to encourage his manners and keep his mind at ease. He has gone through basic obedience classes and knows lots of his commands, but a more structured class will be mandatory with his adoption. (With Streetwise Canine). This is also due to the fact that Murray tends to get nervous and restless and needs a firm, loving home with structure.

Murray is house trained, and very intelligent – he would be an excellent candidate for agility training, or scent detection to keep his mind active and help him stay balanced. Murray is a giant love bug and truly loves everyone and everything but he is not an ideal pet for any first time dog owners rather an excellent companion for anyone looking to add to their fur family.

Murray does have some anxiety; therefore , needs structure, mental stimulation and physical exercise. He is a big boy who is incredibly gentle and loving and would make an ideal addition to the right family.  Murray does well with dogs of all sizes and cats. He does not like loud noises especially thunder storms but with his new thunder shirt – he settles quickly. Small children are not ideal for Murray , due only to his size and his need for a firm leader.

Murray also has what is known as atrophy of the retina. Which means he is slowly going blind. This does not slow down this sweet gem. He is adapting well and there is nothing that can be done for him.

Murray truly will make his new human family so proud but he does need attention, exercise and a firm alpha personality.