Our adorable little Trystin is a 3 month old lab/hound mix that is good with other dogs and cats. He is crate trained and almost house trained.

Trysten has visual impairments but is not blind. His menace is present – i.e. can still see objects moving close to his eyes quickly and react appropriately.

Appropriate pupillary light response – his pupils constrict/dilate appropriately when light is shone on them. His blink reflexes are intact. He appears to have vision to some extent, but also has micropthalmia (small/underdeveloped eyes).

This little cutie is a bundle of fun and would benefit from another dog to play with in his new home.

Born on April 1st, he is neutered, up to date on all shots, microchipped and dewormed. He loves to play and has started to initiate play with larger dogs. He will play independently and loves toys, he also loves to snuggle and be sung to. Can be vocal when he needs to go outside and would be a good candidate for a bell at the door. He has a great personality and doesn’t let his sight issues stop him at all. A typical hound he follows his nose. He is cautious when in new situations or meeting people and other dogs but warms up quickly and is a complete sweetheart.