Merlin is a sweet little 7 year old chihuahua . He is quiet and shy, but he warms up to you quickly, and when he does… Boy do you know it! He becomes the ultimate lap dog, nuzzling in for cuddles and even asking to be pet by pawing at your hand. He doesn’t make a sound, so barking is not something you will have to worry about with this little Chihuahua. Well, he does make one sound. It’s very similar to the honk of a goose, and comes out whenever he gets excited!

Merlin is great with dogs and cats, but would prefer to steer clear of loud, fast moving humans (like small children) as well as loud noises. He is learning to walk on a leash, and is becoming more and more confident every day.

He is (almost) pee pad trained, but he prefers to do his business outside. He also does really well in his crate, never making a mess, or crying. For Merlin, his crate is his safe space, and he likes to have it open and available to him to lie in when there is too much going on around him.

Even though he has no teeth, he has a great appetite, and his lack of teeth means that his oral hygiene is basically zero. This easy going little man would prefer a home with a tight schedule, as he thrives on structure. He would love if his new parent or parents were quiet home bodies who love to cuddle on the couch just like he does.

He has one blue eye and one brown eye, giving him a dopey look, but don’t be fooled: Merlin will look into your eyes and steal your heart.