Hi! I’m Fern and I think I’m very pretty especially my tail. My foster mum tells me it looks like a fiddlehead. I left my mum very late in my puppyhood, at about 12 weeks old. I was a birthday present for a young child, but the family didn’t understand how much puppy they received! As I was given up only a day later.

I’m a very good girl, only sometimes I get very hyper in play, I forget and I get a little nippy. My foster Mum and I are working on this everyday. She says “YOU CHEW STICKS & TOYS and certainly NOT HANDS!!” I also like to dig and chew at roots of plants in the ground, my foster mum thinks it’s kind of gross, but my teeth hurt and it feels so good!

I am learning basic commands and doing very well. I am rewarded with a toy or some kibble when I do a good job and make sure I give my foster mom good eye contact. It shows her I’m paying attention. My favourite toy is a Kong filled with peanut butter.

I am crate trained and I really do enjoy my house. It’s a safe and secure place for me. I don’t make much of a fuss at all and I fall asleep almost right away. At night I sleep in my crate for a full 6.5- 7 hours before I need to go outside for a pee. Did I mention I’m practically housetrained? I haven’t had one accident at my foster family’s house. As long as you take me outside after a play, my meals or a nap, I’m a very good puppy. Once I know what door I’m suppose to wait at to go outside, I sit eagerly beside it waiting for you to let me outside.

I am not reactive to sounds or other dogs barking, and the vacuum doesn’t scare me either.

I am receiving a lot of exposure to other people, dogs and sounds. My foster mum takes me with her to work so I can continue to be socialized on a daily basis. I’m learning to walk on leash but most of all I really like running and bounding through bushes so a fenced in backyard is ideal for me. A fur brother or sister to share my time with would also be just perfect for me. I can’t wait to meet my forever family!

Adoption fee $500