Dudley has had some real sadness in his life. At ten years of age he was taken to the OHS to be put down by his owners for some unfounded medical concerns. The OHS and ODR agreed he deserved better and spared him. Dudley is his new name for his new life. And he answers to it happily.

Dudley has made a wonderful transformation over the last few months. He is now fully house trained, learned some manners, plays with toys and enjoys the outdoors. Big steps for a little man who spent his life indoors

He has even mastered stairs manfully.
Everyone calls Dudley Mr Chill. He likes people, cats dogs, birds, he likes them all. He has become very devoted to his foster mom and will fall asleep in her arms for hours or lie devotedly at her heels.

He is just the loveliest, sweetest little fellow who never ever complains. He just goes with the flow.

Dudley has begun to bark a little – at strange sounds but he is beginning to understand “shhhsh” and with the help of a few squirts from a water gun he is getting it. He just had to learn to stand down a little and let his people take charge.

Otherwise, there is not enough good things that can be said about this little man. He will make a loyal and loving companion for someone who is around a bit for him or has other dogs willing to keep him company. Dudley has had a lonely life and we would really want to find him a best friend to spend the rest of his days with. He is fully vaccinated, neutered, his teeth have been taken care of and though he has seasonal allergies and should remain on a grain free fish based diet, the rest is well managed with Apoquel or allergy meds a few weeks per year.

Dudley’s adoption fee is $300