Meet Colbie! She is an 9 year old giant schnauzer x bouvier mix of 81 lbs, (who could stand to lose a little bit of weight). She is lovable and well behaved in the house. She is nondestructive when left alone, and rarely barks. Colbie is a medium energy dog, who will not be running any marathons, but does love her walks. If she happens to see a skateboard, cat or squirrel she does get a little distracted but we are working on that! For that reason she cannot go to a home with cats. However she is very happy to see another dog and is very affectionate and playful with them. She is not a fan of the crate, however there is no need for one. She is a lover of squeaky toys, or really any toy, and loves the food, like we mentioned, maybe a little too much, haha. But she is on a diet. Colbie is on a grain free non chicken food, as well as she does have seasonal allergies that affect her paws. She is currently on allergy medication (Apoquel) and doing very well on it They do work very well for her. Colbie is great with kids too – given her size, we would suggest older children. Overall she is a delight to have around and is full of love and a wonderful outgoing disposition. She is a non-shedder too! Colbie’s adoption fee is $300.00.