Angelina is a delightful little pup who is loving her new life in Canada. Angelina is wonderful with everyone- adults, kids, dogs and we would imagine, cats as well. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Angelina’s favourite thing to do is flip over to her back for a nice, long belly rub.

We have had Angelina looked at by two of our local vets and they have diagnosed her with Congenital Luxating Elbows in both of her front legs. She has limited mobility but is in no pain. She can move around, although awkwardly but tends to prefer to stay in one place. Preferably a nice warm lap!

At this time, there is nothing to be done for Angelina. She is happy and loving life- her tail is constantly wagging. As time goes on and she gets heavier, there will be more stress put on her elbows and they will deteriorate. This will more than likely cause arthritis and result in the need for pain medication and perhaps braces or a “wheelchair”. We don’t anticipate a long life for Angelina but there is no reason she can’t be happy and well loved for the time she does have.

We will be pursuing a “Compassionate Adoption” for Angelina. Her fee will be waved and the adopters will take on the responsibilities of ensuring her a good quality of life now and in the future.