Sheldon is an enthusiastic boy who is eager to please with tons of energy. He’s a 6 year old 22 lb Cockapoo with a gorgeous “non-shedding” coat. He gets along great with other dogs and would thrive with a similar size companion to play with.

Neutered and up-to-date with shots, Sheldon is a healthy dog with the energy of puppy. He likes running both on and off leash, but he needs more training before he’s reliable off leash. He needs firm guidance and responds well to consistent commands and rules. He knows how to sit and stay, and is learning to lie down, heel, and fetch.

He is timid with people and takes time to warm up but once accepted, he is a super smart boy who loves to share your couch space and bed. If you’re on the couch, he’ll probably be curled up next to you. Sheldon is a picky eater who turns down most dog food, but he likes a dish of mixed chicken/rice/veggies. Grooming him is an easy process – he lies there peacefully while you brush him. When left alone in the house he barks for the first while, but otherwise is well behaved when left alone and hasn’t yet caused any problems when left alone and uncrated.

When he’s with people, Sheldon is generally quiet but has a loud greeting bark. He will stop barking on command, but this aspect of behaviour will need additional training and guidance. He is fully house-trained with fairly good leash manners. Since sudden movements or people moving towards him can scare him, he would do best in a quieter home with lots of off-leash exercise, a dog-pal for company and no children.

Sheldon’s adoption fee is $400