McDuff came into rescue as an owner-surrender, with some health issues, and appeared very neglected. He has since had his issues (allergies) addressed, and while these will likely require ongoing observation, they are currently being managed successfully through diet and medication. He also recently had one eye removed as it was causing him incredible discomfort. He is healing well and is even cuter with is perma-wink.

McDuff is an extremely happy fellow. He loves his foster family, wags his tail constantly, chases his ball, and squeaks his toys with glee. He is full of joy, and a pleasure to be around. He rarely barks (doorbell, but immediately stops when told to), and is 100% house trained. His favorite place is lying on his bed watching the kitchen “action” while his people are bustling around. He is self-sufficient and never needy, an all-round perfect canine companion.

McDuff comes from a home that had 2 Westies, and he currently lives with the foster home’s dogs. He is well mannered, confident but not pushy with strange dogs, will stand his ground if pressed to, but will avoid altercation if at all possible. He loves running with everyone in the dog park, but comes when called, and stays close to his foster mom and brothers when off-leash in the woods. He is not keen about walking on a leash with a collar, but is doing better now in a harness. He is very smart and adaptable, and seems to learn new skills and routines with ease.

Did we mention that he has the most adorable face, bright eye, and attentive expression? When he listens, it seems he understands every word you are saying!

McDuff will continue to need his allergies monitored, and require morning and evening doses of medication ($40 per month), and weekly medicated baths. He is perfectly well behaved, and tolerates all of this treatment with a quiet and cooperative attitude.

McDuff’s adoption fee is $300