Maggie came to Ottawa Dog Rescue from the shelter. She is beyond patient and gentle with kids, and loves people. She LOVES to go for walks. She likes other dogs, but can sometimes bark and pull to go see them and will need continued leash work. She has good recall other than when a squirrel or other dog is around. She is a huge fan of the outdoors, taking any opportunity to sleep in the sun in the backyard whenever possible. She is housetrained and non-destructive when left alone. She will alert bark if someone comes to the door until she can sniff them, and though she prefers women she has no issues with men. She stays on her dog bed while the family is eating and at night.

Maggie is fully vetted and spayed and her adoption fee is $300.

Housetrained? Yes
Crate trained? Not needed
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats? – not cat tested but has prey drive
Good with people: Very friendly