Melo is a 3 year old Jack Russel or Parson Russel Terrier. True to terrier form he is smart and attentive. He is a gorgeous, lively ball of energy that loves to snuggle and give kisses. He LOVES getting attention from anyone and everyone.  Melo loves the outdoors and going for walks and runs. He will need a forever home that is is able to keep up with his high energy needs. He is working with a haulti for walks and is learning quickly to not pull and not be distracted.  He is great in the house. He is non destructive and house trained as well as crate trained, although he does not need it. Melo is also quite quiet in the house. He also really loves his car rides!  At this time he isn’t too keen on cats or should I say he is too keen! He has been tested with dogs, and while he is not full on dog aggressive, he is a very dominant dog with a lot of energy. He would do best in a home with a very very relaxed calm dog, likely larger, if any. With this the owners would also have to be extremely savvy dog owners.

Melo is seriously one awesome and handsome lil dude in search of a cat, and dog free home. While he is great with kids, his energy may knock over a small (under 4 or 5 child). He is looking for an active forever home!  Melo’s adoption fee is $400.00.