Gizmo is one of the best dogs you could adopt. He wasn’t brought to the shelter because of behavioural issues, but rather because his elderly owner was being placed in a home and could not bring him. Gizmo was loved and well cared for and in turn he is a sweet, cuddly, happy and playful boy. Gizmo is great with people and dogs, but hasn’t been cat tested. He loves to be outside and enjoys his walks. He is housetrained and non-destructive when left alone. Gizmo’s favorite place to be is on your lap or in your arms. He does have epilepsy but this doesn’t slow him down in the least and it is totally controlled by meds that he takes twice day. The cost of his monthly medication is only about $60 and this keeps him seizure free and healthy. Important to note is that even with all the changes and stress in his life of late, Gizmo has not had any seizures while in care and is a normal carefree dog. Gizmo is fully vetted, neutered and his adoption fee is $400.
Housetrained? Yes
Crate trained? Not needed
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with people: Very friendly and snuggly