Roo came to Ottawa Dog Rescue from the shelter very underweight and terrified of his own shadow. It took some time for him to come out of his shell, and he bonds very quickly with his primary caregiver. Once he trusts you he will let you do pretty much anything. He’s more of a one person dog and is still insecure around strangers. His forever home would ideally have another mellow dog for company and be a calm and quiet place. He can be unsure with strangers and so his home must put in place proper rules – such as letting him come to new people on his own and not forcing him to accept attention from strangers. He is a quiet boy who loves to snuggle, but can also be playful and silly when the mood strikes. He is still working on mastering housetraining but is now very good if kept on a routine. Roo is neutered, is having his dental shortly and is up to date on vaccinations. He does have age related cataracts and a slight murmur but none of this is a big deal for him and he is such a sweet boy who deserves a loving retirement home. His adoption fee is $300.

Housetrained? 95% when kept on a routine

Crate trained? Not needed but can sleep in it at night

Good with other dogs: YES

Good with people: Needs time to warm up, some men scare him so need patience