Luna came to us after being found abandoned in an apartment for 3 days when her owners moved away. She LOVES to play with other dogs, gets along with cats and is very good with kids. She has NO guarding issues with her food/ toys etc. from other animals or humans. She is a higher energy dog who needs a solid hour a day of dog park/ walk/run. She is fully house trained and crate trained, although likes things in her crate to occupy her. Due to being abandoned she does need to be crated when you are away at the moment as she can get anxious and chew. She is totally fine loose at night or when you are home.

She is still a puppy and needs slight work on manners, although she knows her name, paw, down. She is working on recall and not to counter surf. She will need someone to continue to work on her manners and solid leadership. She gets VERY excited on leash to meet other dogs so will need to learn patience and to stay calm. She is a sweet girl who LOVES her people and LOVES to cuddle. She is blind in one eye, however it causes no issues and is mostly cosmetic. Luna is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and in great health. Her adoption fee is $400.

Housetrained? Yes
Crate trained? Yes
Good with other dogs: YES
Good with people: YES