Paddy Cake came to ODR after suffering from abuse and neglect and being seized by the authorities. He was in very bad shape when he arrived – barely able to walk or move due to injuries, lack of muscle mass and fur that was so matted it prevented him from taking full steps. His teeth were horrendous and his eyesight is practically non existent due to scarring (but boy can he use that nose of his to get around!). He would flinch away from touch, and cry when left alone. We are happy to say that he now asks for affection from his foster mom and follows her everywhere. He still has some mobility issues and is partially deaf, but he has come such a long way and is now ready to find a permanent home as a compassionate placement. He loves his walks and though he rides in his stroller to get to the park, he loves to walk around and explore once he gets there, or to sniff and strut in the backyard! He does well in the house when kept on a pee break schedule, and wears a belly band when no one can watch him. His daily eye drops are all that he medically needs. He is good with other dogs, and has no interest in cats. We are ideally looking for a home where someone will be there most of the time and where there are limited stairs because being the little warrior that he is, Paddy is determined to follow even though he can’t easily manoeuver stairs due to a suspected spinal injury – he can however get up and down 3-4 stairs into a backyard. He has been neutered, is up to date on vaccines, has had a complete dental and extractions and we are waiving the adoption fee in the hopes of finding the most loving and patient home possible.

Housetrained? Yes, but being older he can have accidents and so he wears a belly band when no one is able to watch him.
Crate trained? Not required
Good with other dogs : YES
Good with people: YES