Tiny Jewel is a lively and endearing 2-3 year old Yorkie mix who is so full of life, she will steal your heart. She loves to curl up in your lap or play endless fetch. She is an active dog that really enjoys walks and playtime. She is super submissive around other dogs, but not tested on cats. She takes time to warm up to new people but becomes very attached once she is comfortable with you. Jewel does have some health issues to manage; she requires a special diet for urinary health easily purchased at the vet, she has a low grade murmur and luxating patellas which are not concerning at all, and her eyesight is failing. Her eye issue will need monitoring as she grows older but none of this slows her down at all. She can be protective of her space when in the crate or sitting on her owners lap, but her loving and energetic personality makes up for all these challenges and she will be an amazing companion! Jewel is not completely housetrained yet; she is making amazing progress since starting her new diet but small accidents are a daily occurrence and she is doing very well using the pee pads. She can also be quite vocal, so we are looking for a detached home. Jewel is spayed, up to date on vaccines and her adoption fee is $300.

Housetrained? A work in progress
Crate trained? Yes
Good with other dogs : YES
Good with cats : not tested
Good with people – timid at first, and can be protective if sitting on/next to her owner, but otherwise she is very sweet