Wilma came into care with Ottawa Dog Rescue after we received a plea from anothe rescue to take her in when her adopter abandoned her at the airport in Montreal where she had just arrive from a very long flight from Lebanon. This girl charms everyone she meets and is quite the sweetheart. Since coming into our care she has learned to live in a home and is fully housetrained. She goes to her crate as her safe place to sleep and relax but otherwise she does not need it as she is non-destructive in the home. She loves to play after which she will plop down beside you and soak up the affection. She is cautious and can take a few minutes to warm up in new situations, but she is very good with people. She learns fast, is eager to please and is happiest with a strong leader.

She enjoys her daily walks, and when with her family she tends to stick close while off leash. She behaved very well when meeting a cat, and is good with dogs with proper introductions. We recommend older children as she is an older girl and likes her quiet time too. She is spayed and is up to date on vaccines.

Wilma’s adoption fee is $400.
Housetrained? Yes

Crate trained? Yes – but not needed

Good with other dogs : YES – proper intros

Good with cats : seems ok

Good with people and kids