Boomer came to ODR as a stray from the high kill shelter. He loves to go for walks and meet people, but other dogs he can do without and he prefers to politely walk on by. He can and has learned to live with another dog but he will not be a “dog park” dog without continued desensitization and socializing. He is an older boy so is looking for a home with no kids where he can sleep and lay in the sun, go for walks and generally enjoy life. He needs a bit of time to trust you to take his toys away, but corrects well and is learning very quickly. He is house and crate trained. Medically he has a grade 1 heart murmur which causes him zero issues, some seasonal allergies that aren’t severe (maybe $7 per month), and mild to moderate dysplasia in his hips – surgery is not recommended or necessary and it does not slow him down at all. Exercise and glucosamine supplements are all that are needed to keep the joints limber.

Housebroken – Yes
Crate trained – Yes
Good with dogs – No, he is fearful and will react, but he can learn to adapt and co-exist – he was even caught napping next to his foster sister.
Good with cats – Unknown
Good with people – Yes – no young kids as he is intially protective of his high value items until he learns to trust.