Jack arrived into care with Ottawa Dog Rescue a few weeks ago and boy is he just the sweetest dog ever. Jack is a BIG 140 lbs loving boy, with an equally big heart. He is a very gentle giant that loves to be around his humans and follows them around like a puppy. He likes to be in your company, lying at your feet in whatever room you happen to be. He does enjoy playing with toys occasionally and loves his walks, but is not a big playful dog, he is more low to medium energy. He does non-destructive and doesn’t require crating. He is totally house trained as well. He loves his treats, and takes them very delicately from your hand. He also knows basic commands like sit, down, give the paw. He has a very passive personality, gets along well with other dogs, and doesn’t care about cats. Being the breed he is there is some drool involved, but his big soulful eyes and loving personality more than make up for it! He is neutered, up to date on vaccines and his adoption fee is $400

Housetrained? Yes
Crate trained? Not needed
Good with other dogs : YES
Good with cats : YES
Good with all people and kids