Lucy is a very sweet, cuddly, playful and energetic dog. She has learned to love her crate, and will go in on her own at night to sleep. She loves squeaky toys and stuffed animals. She’s very food motivated, but has learned to wait until she is invited to take a treat or eat her dinner. She is great on and off leash, she has amazing recall and knows how to heel (she still gets excited when approaching people and dogs though). She has even made a cat friend while out on a walk. Lucy loves the outdoors and would be a great running/ walking companion or just spending time in the yard. She does well in the car and likes to people watch. She is still insecure around select people and it does take her a few minutes to warm up to new people, so building her confidence is key. She is fully housetrained, up to date on vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $400.

Housetrained? Yes

Crate trained? Yes but can be left loose

Good with other dogs – yes

Good with cats – seems ok

Good with people though can be verbal and is insecure at times