Buddy came to Ottawa Dog Rescue as a stray who was in dire need of TLC and medical attention. He had to have several teeth pulled and was put on medication for worms and a severe anal gland infection. He is now totally healed and looking for his forever home. Buddy is wonderful with people and other dogs, and he loves to cuddle or go for walks. He is fully housetrained and quiet indoors. He dislikes the crate but is totally trustworthy loose in the house. Buddy does not really like to share his toys and we are working on this behaviour however it will need to be continued in his new home. Buddy likes kids, but because of his toy guarding we don’t recommend young children. He has no issues with food though, you can poke him, take his food away etc. and no reaction. Buddy is neutered and up to date on all shots.

Adoption fee: $400.00

Housetrained? Yes 100%

Crate trained? No, he does not do well with crating. Non-destructive when left loose

Great with other dogs

Great with everyone