Amos is an absolutely wonderful and goofy lab mix puppy who is full of energy and excitement. He is happy and bouncy, and like a typical puppy he needs boundaries, training and exercise to make sure he grows up well balanced. He is great with other dogs and loves everyone he meets. Amos is 99% house trained, though as he is young some accidents could still happen, but he has been excellent in his foster home. He does not like confined spaces therefore crating is not an option but when properly tired out he is great in the home and does not chew at all. He loves to spend time in a fenced in yard and would benefit from a medium to large dog companion to continue showing him the ropes.

Housetrained? 99%, he is still a young puppy

Crate trained? No, he does not do well with crating

Good with other dogs.

Great with everyone but excitable