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Austin – lab mix puppy – Adopted!

Meet Austin!  He is one of the sweetest and cutest pups you’ll ever meet! He loves evreyone including kids, dogs and cats. He is playful and smart and a great cuddler once he’s burnt off his puppy energy. Austin would do very well in a famly with children and/or another dog. He is crate and house trained, neutered and up to date on all his shots.  If you would like to meet Austin, please fill out and submit an adoption application. Austin’s adoption donation is $500.

Housetrained – YES! he may have the ocasional puupy accident but is pretty 100% housetrained.

Crate trained – YES! – he sleeps in his crate throughout the night

Good with People – YES!

Good with Kids – YES! Bring on the kids!

Good with Cats – YES!   He is playful with cats but not rough

Good with Dogs – YES! He love sto play

Molly – Rottie Shepherd mix – Adopted!

This is Molly. She is a beautiful 1.5 year old mix that was dropped off at a shelter and was not doing well in that environment so  we were asked if we could help find a loving forever home for her. She has a great temperament and she loves to play with other dogs. She adores her squeaky toy, doesn’t mind manipulation and shows no aggressive behaviour at all.  She does well on a no-pull harness and is gentle when taking treats.  Molly is fully vetted, spayed, and comes already microchipped :) Her adoption donation is $400.

Housetrained – YES

Crate trained – She does not like the crate, but can be gated off in a room

Good with Dogs – YES – she loves to play

Good with cats – UNKNOWN – she likes to chase so probably not recommended

Good with people and kids – YES


Oscar – 1 year old Male Chiweenie -ADOPTED!

Announcing handsome Oscar!  Our latest Ottawa  Dog Rescue addition.  Oscar is a @ 1 year old chiweenie – yup, that’s  chihuahua and dachshund mix and he is ADORABLE.  He is good with older kids/teens but probably not little ones due to his size and activity level.  He’s a typical small breed…..full of kisses and he likes to jump, we are working on that, right now he goes from chair to table in a flash!

He can get protective of his people and we are working on that too. If he’s sitting comfortably with someone, he may growl at  another dog or person who approaches. He’s being corrected and moved when he does it and he’s progressing very well.
He’s not bad in the car but needs a safety harness or he will try to kiss and sit on the driver!  He LOVES to snuggle and would prefer someone who is home a good majority of the time or who could bring him as a tag-along.  Oscar’s adoption fee is $400 and he will come fully vetted and neutered.

Housetrained – Almost there – he does his business outside for the most part or on pee pads indoors.

Crate trained – training in progress

Good with People – YES – but can be possessive – this will need continued training

Good with Kids – YES – Older respectful children

Good with Cats – YES – He is playful with cats but not rough

Good with Dogs – YES – he is good with calm dogs.


Dash – 1 year old Male Basset Hound – ADOPTED!

Meet Dash – a one year old, male purebred Basset Hound.  He’s one of the sweetest and softest guys you’ll ever meet and oh that nose!!!!  Dash is a typical Basset Hound:  loveable, a bit stubborn, loves food and loves his comfort.  He is learning his manners and walking on a leash and has come a long way in the short time he has been in care.  Such a good-natured fellow sure to win your heart.Dash will be going for his neuter on February 25th and once he iws all healed up he will be looking for his special forever home.  He adoption donation is $400 and includes all vaccinations and his neuter.

Housetrained – YES

Crate Trained – NO

Good with dogs – YES

Good with people and kids – YES

Good with cats – unknown at this point

Dexter – 4 month old Male Dominican terrier mix – ADOPTED!

And the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here!!!  Dexter is ready for adoption!!  He is healthy, up to date on shots, neutured and is now looking for his special forever home!  Just to recap, Dexter came to Canada from the Dominican Republic and we were asked to take him into ODR.  He was rescued from a woman who was viciously beating him. He is outgoing, but still reserved.  He is great with children, but we are unsure of how he is with cats as he has not been tested yet.  He’s very cuddly with his people and canine companions. He loves sunning by the window and would love to have a window to look out of during the day for stimulation. We feel he MUST BE HOMED with another dog as he thrives on the companionship, it helps his confidence and his comfort level. He is almost completely potty trained.  He is a puppy and is showing typical puppy behaviour, so his new family will need to provide approapriate chewing toys and exercise for him.  Dexter’s adoption donation is $500.  You can inquire about him by contacting us at

Housetrained – 99% there! The odd puppy accident

Crate trained – working on it

Good with dogs – YES

Good with Kids – YES

Good with cats – untested with cats, but he is a puppy an could probably learn to be respectful



Rio – Dominican beach Dog mix – 10-11 months old – ADOPTED!

Meet Rio!  He is a super cute and happy little guy who was surrendered to us when his owners could no longer care for him.  He is great with other dogs, indifferent to cats and though he is timid with new people, he is very affectionate with his family.  He is not yet neutered as he wasn’t well enough when he arrived in Canada, but we will be having him examined again and we anticipate he will be able to be neutered within the next month.  Otherwise he is healthy and up to date on his shots.

Housetrained – YES

Crate trained – Does not like the crate but can be left in a confined area with toys

Good with dogs – YES

Good with cats – YES

Good with kids – He is leery of children and will bark at them, so a home with no young children would be best for Rio

Riley – Purebred Bichon Frisé – Female – 8 years old – ADOPTED!

Riley is one of the sweetest and gentlest little girls you could ever meet. She came into care with us when her owners retired and decided to travel and could no longer care for her. She is amazing with everyone, is great with other dogs, is calm and quiet in the home and is totally housetrained. She is non-destructive and can be left loose while you’re out. She is going to make one family very happy!  Riley is totally healthy, will be spayed on February 20th and is up to date on her shots.

Housetrained? – YES

Crate trained? Not needed – she is trustworthy in the house

Good with dogs? YES

Good with cats – untested but we think she would be totally fine

Good with kids- YES

Sammy – ADOPTED!

Sammy’s new mom and her grand daughter. He did not have to go far and was not in care very long when one of our team members parents fell in love with him and gave him his happily ever after!


We’re very happy to share that Finn has been adopted!!  Here is his Happy Tail picture from his forever home, which he shares with a kitty friend.

Odin (now Diesel) – ADOPTED!

Odin and Diesel (previously OUR Odin) lounging together. They are the best of friends!

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