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Marshmellow- 1.5 Years Old- Adopted

Must love puppy kisses!!! Meet Marshmallow, a 1.5 year old pom mix. He came to us from the shelter where he was terrified. He is ridiculously affectionate, loves to follow his person everywhere, is good on leash, loves car rides and is crate trained. He does not like people or animals to approach him quickly and for this reason, we do not recommend young children and/or active hyper dogs that are bigger than him. He does well with dogs his size and with calmer big dogs. He is working on house training, loves to play fetch and is a very happy boy. He can bark when initially left alone so a detached home would be ideal for him.

Adoption Fee $400

Noble- 8 Month Old Galgo- ADOPTED!

Noble is one of three 8month old galgos (Spanish Greyhound) who came to us from Spain.  Noble is quickly becoming a great family pet. When he first came into care, he was very timid and scared of people and new dogs. Now he is playful and fun; he let’s strangers approach and pet him, and is very friendly towards new dogs. He loves the (fully fenced) dog park, and going for walks too. He’s fantastic on leash, is crate trained, does not guard toys or food and loves to snuggle.

Noble MUST have a fenced yard, and would do best in a detached home as he does bark for the first few minutes when crated. He would love a home with another active pup to play with, but he would also be a very loyal friend to a new family if people were home most of the time.

Puppy training would be a good idea to continue his great progress, especially recall and to give him structure and stimulation. He still has the odd accident inside, so patience will be needed to work on asking for the door.

Noble is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.

Adoption fee: $650

Harry- 8 Month Old Galgo- Adopted!

Harry is one of three 8 month old galgos (Spanish Greyhound) who came to us from Spain. Like his siblings, Harry is extremely snuggly and affectionate. He is very cautious around another dog in the house, but after some time wants to play. He is skittish with new dogs but will warm up to them as he gets to know them. Harry is still working on his house training -he improving with diligence and the removal of past scent markers; Harry is crate trained although getting in is a bit of a struggle but once in, especially at bedtime, he’s great.

He can be a tad vocal, but only briefly when first left alone.  Harry eats dry kibble and is very food motivated, which is great for training purposes. He currently prefers short walks, but we are working on that. He would be a great running partner with some diligent leash training. Harry knows how to sit, wait (for the most part), come, off or leave it. He is a shy yet, once familiar, very friendly boy, who is affectionate and enjoys being pet or even picked up. He thinks he’s a lap dog and loves to lounge or wrap himself around his humans. He likes to explore his indoor surroundings, but stays close while outdoors, so far.

Harry MUST go to a home with a fenced yard. He would love a home with another active pup to play with, but he would also be a very loyal friend to a new family if people were home most of the time.

Everything about life in Canada is new for him, even grass and it is so entertaining to watch all of these pups experience new things.

Harry is up to date on all shots and neutered.

Adoption fee: $650

Toby- 7 Year Old Lab- Adopted!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION- Meet Toby, an absolutely amazing and pretty perfect 7 year old lab. This boy is loving, friendly, laid back and well… fabulous. He is great with other dogs though he doesn’t need another dog to be happy. He has high prey drive so no cats or little animals. He’s really good with people but older kids who are respectful of older animals would be great. This boy LOVES to be outdoors, so his new home would need a big yard at minimum and acreage would be ideal! He would also like someone home with him to pall around with. Toby is fully vetted, neutered and his adoption fee is $400.

Leo- 11 Year Old Silky Terrier- Adopted!

Leo is off for his stay at the Westin while we search for his Furever home!

Leo came to us from the high kill shelter and is an approx. 10 yr old silkie terrier mix. Leo is amazing with all people and dogs (he has not been cat tested). He is house and crate trained and just a super well behaved boy. He would love a home with either another dog or people who like to go for walks and snuggle.

He is fully vetted and neutered and his adoption fee is $300.

If you would like to meet Leo please send us an application and we will arrange an official meeting at the Westin. The dogs are not always out in the lobby as they need down time so to avoid disappointment please contact us.

Jazz- 8.5 Year Old Schnauzer- Adopted!

Jazz arrived from the high kill shelter. He is approx. 8-9 yrs old and a very friendly guy. He had almost zero interaction with dogs for most of his life but is being fostered in a home with 3 other dog and is doing ver well. He has some lumps and bumps that need investigating and we still need to see his true personality so will post more information as we learn more about him.

Charlie- 10 year old Shih Tzu- Adopted

This little man is Charlie, a shih Tzu mix. We were given his age as approx. 15 but our vet says he is much younger, or at least his body presents itself  like a 10 year olds.  The only health issue we observed since Charlie has been in our care is a double ear infection.  We have treated it with antibiotics and daily cleaning and he is now fully recovered.  One can not help but smile when they see Charlie standing in front of them as he looks like a body builder.  His shoulder blades flare out and he gives the impression of a bouncer working the door at the hottest nightclub in town!

This little guy loves other dogs and is super interested in meeting every dog that passes his way, big or small.  Charlie is more aloof around people and will take time to warm up.  If you are patient with him and give him the time he needs to feel safe, he will reward you!  Once he feels comfortable he will follow you all over the house, cuddle up next to you on the couch and even offer a few kisses.

Charlie is housetrained.  He absolutely hates the crate but there is no need to crate him at all- he is not destructive nor does he mess in the house.  Charlie is a gentle and quiet dog but he does tend to bark a bit when he is home alone.  For this reason, he wouldn’t be a great candidate for apartment living.  Charlie has been around children and shows no real interest in them.  He would love a quiet retirement home where he has another dog to keep him company.  He is low energy but certainly enjoys his daily walks and loves to sniff as he explores the neighbourhood.  He has not been tested around cats.  Charlie is up to date on all vaccines, is neutered and has received a dental.

Charlie is a sweetheart who deserves to be treasured and adored by the family lucky enough to adopt him!

Adoption Fee: $300






Chuck- 1.5 year old Malamute- Adopted!

Chuck is a 1-1/2 yr old Alaskan Malamute who stands 3 ft at the shoulder and weighs 95 lbs — a whole lot of dog !! He has the longest legs and the greatest personality. Chuck was an owner surrender due to a move. He is currently in a boarding kennel where he is learning leash manners and not to jump on people. He would need a family who is willing to keep working with him for the duration as he is a smart but very busy pup and will need a lot of guidance ! Another dog isn’t out of the question but he doesn’t know his own strength and size and can sometimes play a little rough. We are looking for an active home who can keep up with Chuck.  If you have a lot of space and time for this gorgeous boy we would love to hear from you.

Chuck is neutered and up to date on vaccines.

Adoption Fee $400

Anouk- 8 Month Old Malamute Mix- ADOPTED!

Today we welcomed Anouk, an 8mth old female malamute mix. She was adopted from the shelter under the condition that her broken leg (shattered patella) be amputated as directed by the vet but she was recently returned a few months later not having received her surgery :(. Thank you to her dedicated foster dad Troy for driving out to get her today! We will get her all fixed up and then find an amazing home.

Bella- 8 Years Old- ADOPTED!

Hi! My name is Bella and I am a Pom-terrier mix, or so my foster-mama says….my owner had to give me up so I’ve been living with a super-great foster family with two fur-brothers and a fur-sister. This is good for me ’cause before I didn’t get to see other humans or other furry friends. I’m learning to share attention and treats and how to be outside…it’s lots of fun! My foster-mama says I’m really sweet and cuddly…all I know is I like a warm lap and belly rubs. She says I have to share but it’s hard but I’m pretty smart and I’m learning new stuff every day. She asked me where I would like to live next ’cause she says I need my own family who will love me fur-ever — I thought about it and I would like live in a house with a backyard with grass since I like to sniff and roll around….it should also be ddetached cause I sometimes bark and it would be really great if there was someone around lots of the time to give me snacks and belly rubs. I would also prefer to be the only dog in the house.

I am spayed and up to date on all vaccines.

Adoption Fee $ 300

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