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Kuda- 6 Year Old Mini Doodle- ADOPTED!

 Kuda is a wonderful and affectionate 6 year old mini doodle. He is a quiet little cuddle bug. He doesn’t really care to eat out of a bowl, however he doesn’t mind being spoon fed! We are working on his diet and funny eating habits. Luckily he likes veggies and good people foods along with his soft and hard food.

Kuda is a little timid at first, which is fine in the sense that he’s great on and off leash and is never too far from your side. He’s friendly with everyone and lives with a cat and other dogs but really just loves his humans. Kuda is crate trained and hasn’t had any accidents while at his foster home. He will need daily exercise to lose a few of his extra pounds, and he would love a quieter home where he doesn’t have to be alone too much, and the more snuggles the better as he truly is a lap dog.

Adoption fee : $400


Mante- 3 Month Old Black Mouthed Cur Mix- ADOPTED!

Mante is a black mouthed cur mix from the island of Isla Mujeres Mexico. He’s approximately 3 months and what a pup! He is a fantastic travel partner, having travelled 12 hours from Mexico with his foster mom, he knows a thing or two about manners!

Mante is the most precious dog you will ever met, he has a wonderful temperament that will fit into any home with great success. Mante has grown up within a pack environment and loves his fur friends. He’s great with both big and small dogs and for that reason, would prefer a home with a brother or sister.

Mante knows basic manners, and is doing a great job learning how to walk on leash. He loves to explore and will need a home with a fenced in back yard for security. He’s a very quiet soul with a laid back personality, this little pup hardly makes a peep. He loves the sunshine as he is from a tropical climate and can spend all day outdoors sleeping by your feet.

Since being in Canada he’s had exposure to daycare for dogs and other various humans. We are unsure about cats or small children as he’s never been exposed to either.

Adoption fee : $550

Housebroken: Practically
Crate trained: YES
Social: Yes
Good On Leash: Yes
Good Traveller: Yes
Totally Perfect: his foster mom sure thinks so.

Vandal- 4 Month Old Rotti Mix- ADOPTED!

Meet Vandal, a sweet 17 week old Rotti mix. When Vandal came into care he was a little under socialized and not housebroken.  His foster family has been working with him and he now eagerly follows the pack. He loves everyone- children, dogs and even cats.  Vandal is a huge cuddler and wants nothing more than to be with his people. He loves to give everyone around him snuggles and kisses.

Vandal walks well on leash and enjoys meeting other dogs along the way. He is a strong puppy and is going to be even stronger as he grows up.  Vandal will need a confident owner who is willing to put the work in to ensure he is a well trained and social dog.  He will need an active family who will give him both mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis.  Vandal is both busy and smart and will get into trouble if he is not exercised and worked enough.  He is not destructive in the house but does love to explore as he is a curious puppy.  

He is still learning to not jump up on people so although he is wonderful with kids, he will likely knock over little ones.  He would do best with older children or with young, dog savvy kids who won’t be intimidated by his bouncy puppy ways. Vandal also tends to get car sick, so no big meals for this guy before getting in the car.

Vandal will be adopted out on a “neuter contract” and ODR will pay to have him neutered when he is 6 months old.  He is up to date on all age appropriate vaccines.

Is this cutie the one for you?


Adoption Fee $550




Lola- 7 Year Old Mini Poodle- ADOPTED!

Lola is a lovely girl who is people and dog friendly and loves to cuddle.  At 7 years old she still has lots of energy and loves playing with her toy mouse.  She is fully house trained and not destructive.  She is still learning some commands and how to go up stairs (she was never taught before) but is doing well and is a quick learner.
She has not been tested with cats.
She can be vocal at times but it is not excessive and she calms quickly.
Lola came to us needing surgery for bladder stones.  She will need to be on a special diet for the rest of her life to mitigate recurrence but other than that she is a happy and healthy girl!
Adoption fee $400

Ezra & Nova- Bonded Pair- ADOPTED!

These two lovely girls are Ezra and Nova. Ezra is a 22 pound, 9 year old Boston Terrier and Nova is a 16 pound, 11 year old terrier mix with some corgi. They are both house and crate trained and can be trusted to be left alone at home outside of the crate for a number of hours. Nova does bark initially when she hears a strange noise or when people come to the door but stops immediately when they enter. Otherwise they are both very quiet little girls. They love going on walks and are great on leash but Nova does barks at other dogs to let them know she is there if they get to close to her. They are great with kids and dogs, but have not been cat tested. They have bursts of energy running around the backyard or playing together but also love to lounge in a sunny spot or in their basket together. In general, they are both pretty low energy. Nova is a very sweet and gentle little girl. She is tentative at first, but warms up quickly when meeting new people. Ezra is more outgoing and will cuddle up for a chin scratch or belly rub with all she meets. They know some basic command and are great on recall in the back yard. Ezra loves food so much that she can snatch treats right out of your hand if you don’t slow her down and make her take it gently. We are working on that.

Ezra has a dry eye that requires medicated drops to keep it lubricated. When she first came into care she was suffering from a skin infection that required antibiotics and and a topical cream to heal.  Her skin is now much better but this could be an issue that reoccurs in the future.  If it does, the possibility of it being due to allergies may need to be examined.  Nova has a level 4 heart murmur but does not show any signs of distress and is asymptomatic. Nova is currently not on any medications and is loving life with her sister.

In a nutshell, Ezra and Nova are very sweet, lovable, quiet, non-destructive, easy going little girls that just want a home that will love and spoil them. We are looking for a family for them that is home often as they deserve lots of attention in their retirement years.  They have been together their whole lives so they are bonded and will be adopted together. Even when 2 baskets are available, you will often see them squished together in the one basket. They will make a great addition to the right fur-ever home.

Ezra and Nova are spayed, up to date on vaccines and have both received a dental.

Adoption Fee $450 (for both)

Bruce- 7.5 Year Old Doberman Mix- Available

Ottawa Dog Rescue – Dog of the Month: This handsome boy is Bruce, a 7-8 yr old neutered Doberman mix who came to us from the shelter. He is a timid boy but once he knows you he’s quite the lovable guy. He absolutely ADORES being outside so he needs a home where there is space to explore and lie around in the yard. He is good on leash, and trustworthy when left loose in the house. He is not destructive when alone but much prefers the outdoors.

He doesn’t like when unknown and very excitable dogs come onto his face so can be choosy with who he likes (seems to be more the smaller dogs than the larger ones). With slow and proper introductions he has been able to be in a pack of 8+ dogs. He also seems to like kids quite a bit. He can pace and pant indoors but will eventually settle down.

He was Lyme positive and has been on Doxy for the last 3 weeks.

Overall he is a very low maintenance dog, who prefers to be outside and probably a singly dog or with another low key female of the same size.

Muppet- 2 Year Old Golden Retriever/Spaniel Mix- ADOPTED!

Are you wanting to add a new member to your family? Are you looking for a Fur-baby who’s always up for an adventure but also loves to snuggle and cuddle? Are you looking for a new playmate for your current Furbaby? If so, Mr. Muppet is your man! Muppet is a 2 year old Golden Retriever Spaniel mix who loves to learn and please. Muppet has been staying at Victoria’s Canine Paradise and has met a lot of different breeds and has been loving every second of it. Muppet is now fully crate trained, off leash trained and knows basic commands.
Muppet will need a very active home, preferably with another dog in the house and no small children. He will also need consistent training and structure and lots of running time and to continue with his training he has gained so far. Muppet will need a fenced yard at his new home. Mr Muppet has been patiently waiting for his forever family to adopt him. Could it be you?

Adoption Fee $400


Tiggy- 6 Year Old Mastiff/Dogo-ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE! Tiggy is a sweet 6 yr old Mastiff mix with a sad story, having tragically lost his master not too long ago. He is great with all the people he has met, has no issues with strangers or men and is quiet in the home. He is good with some dogs but can be selective/reactive with those that are too exuberant and in his face, so slow and proper introductions are recommended. As an older guy he does still love his walks and to run around the backyard but is not a dog park dog. He walks very well on leash and listens well to his commands. He can be left loose in the home when alone and will just find a comfy spot to sleep till you get back. He is in great health and at a good weight. We are looking for a quiet and calm retirement home for this big guy, someone who can walk him daily, and spend time with him. No kids under 16 due to his size and that he doesn’t react well to certain dogs. Do you have a place in your heart for this boy?




Louie- 9 week old boxer mix- ADOPTED!

Louie is a relatively calm puppy who loves everyone. He has met other dogs (big and small) and although he can be intimidated at first, he will quickly get comfortable. He would do better with another dog in the house to help build his confidence, but he also LOVES children so we will consider a home with either or both. He is learning to walk on a leash and gets better at it every day. Louie is 75% house trained but still has the occasional accident, which is normal given his young age. He is not too keen of the crate, and cries if we put him in it when we have to leave him alone.
Adoption fee: $550

Koda- 4.5 Year Old Hound Mix- ADOPTED!

4 year old Koda came to us at the end of May from Mexico ! Although she was pretty timid and cautious at first, Koda has really come out of her shell now living with fosters that have other dogs to romp with.

She still needs to be introduced to new dogs slowly but she soon warms up to them if they aren’t too pushy – you can’t rush a lady !!

Koda loves car rides, boat rides, walks, snuggling and especially loves napping.

Her ideal home would be with another dog to play with. Koda doesn’t toy guard but prefers not to be crowded by the other pups while eating.

Our smiling Mexican chiquita is ready to meet here new family !!

Her adoption fee is $400.



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