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Elliott- 7.5 Year Old Poodle- Adopted!

NOT AVAILABLE YET – This adorable little munchkin is Elliott, a 7-8 yr old teacup Poodle, who came into the shelter as a stray.  He was not eating and was terrified, shaking at the back of his kennel. Once in foster care he started to come out of his shell but we then found out he had a bad case of gastro. He is doing much better now and was fabulous at his photo shoot. He gets along with other dogs and is slowly showing affection. He will need a dental and he will then be looking for a quiet calm home.

Betty- 3 Year Old Retriever- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET- Our beautiful Betty will hopefully be getting her second knee surgery in early April. It’s been a long haul for this beautiful girl but at only 3 yrs old she deserves these surgeries and a pain free life. Her first surgery has healed though the pins may have shifted slightly and may require another surgery. She has been doing hydro therapy and laser therapy and it has been going really well. She is a complete luv bug and we are excited for the day she finds her Furever home.

Oslo- 1.5 Year Old English Sheepdog- ADOPTED!

We would like to introduce you to this very special boy – Oslo. He is a 1.5 yr old, old English sheepdog and is a big, goofy puppy. He has a happy and playful disposition and is always ready for fun. Oslo is hearing impaired but despite being deaf, he loves to make his people happy by following hand signals of basic commands…especially if there are treats involved! He’s good with dogs, cats, older kids (due to his size) and pretty much everyone he meets. Oslo loves car rides and loves his walks – he has energy to burn and needs regular exercise. His ideal home would be one with another active, balanced dog and a home that is committed to dealing with a dog with a hearing impairment. Oslo is crate trained but prefers a mud room over a crate. His adoption fee is $400.

Charity- 7 Year Old Lab/Shepherd Mix- AVAILABLE

This stunning 7year old Labrador Sheppard mix mix is a doll. She is great with people, kids and dogs. She is well mannered though needs work on her leash walking as she is strong.

Charity is a smart girl who loves to snuggle. She would do great with an active family with kids, although older kids as she is a whopping 90lbs. She gets excited when meeting new people and dogs. She’s in good shape for a girl her age but could lose a couple of pounds. Loves to walk and is great off leash . Charity would do best in a home with no other dogs and definitely no cats. She is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Adoption fee: $400

Muppet- 2 Year Old Retriever/Spaniel Mix- Pending Adoption

Meet Mr. Muppet! This Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix was scooped up at the pound to be given a second chance at finding his forever home. Muppet is estimated to be around 2 years old but one thing we know forsure is, THIS BOY LOVES TO BE LOVED and really enjoys adventures. With some guidance, Muppet now gets to enjoy exploring the country life off leash. Mr. Muppet is slowly recovering from his recent neuter and is now looking for his new home. Paw-5 to Mr. Muppet for the progress he has made since being at V.C.P. with his fantastic foster who has been giving him some much needed TLC and guidance. MUPPET will need an active home with another dog and lots of room to run. As he is still pretty bouncy we would ask no children under 10 and no cats.

Adoption fee: $400

Trixie- 8 Year Old Boxer Mix- ADOPTED!


Meet Trixie, an 8 year old Boxer mix who is looking for her furever retirement home. The moment your eyes meet hers, there is no way you can’t instantly fall in love with this gentle soul. While she enjoys napping quite a bit, the moment she sees her leash, she jumps with excitement. She is quite polite when she meets other dogs and people on the street, however, the cats, squirrels and bunnies are certainly a big interest so she will pull a bit.

Being a senior dog, playing with other canine friends at the off leash parks aren’t of much interest, but she does love walking and running free. Her recall is excellent and she enjoys the freedom of roaming.

At home she is looking for anyone to cuddle with, a true lap dog that will snuggle and keep you company whenever she can find a lap to rest her head on. She is obedient when it comes to lying on her on her own bed, but much prefers the attention of a human. The doorbell can be a little exciting for her and she likes to welcome guests with some barking. With the proper correction, this can be worked out, her temperament is to please so with a bit of discipline she will figure it out quickly.

Presently, Trixie shows signs of separation anxiety and because she wants to spend every moment with her people. She gets quite upset when she is left all alone. She has been on medication for a few weeks and it is working well. If you are interested in adopting Trixie, the perfect home will be a quieter one with someone home. It will be important to be committed to helping her through her transition of a new home, and figuring out what helps her stress level when you have to leave. Her foster mom has a few tips for this! This girl will melt your heart, and will truly bring happiness to the right home. *Trixie would have to be cat tested.

She has a very small mass that the vet isn’t overly concerned about – it just requires monitoring.

Adoption fee : $300

Bowser- 7 Year Old Rottie- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE – Bowser is an incredibly cuddly, affectionate 7 year old Rottie with a heart of gold and the playfulness of a young puppy. He is fully house-trained, listens on command and shows zero sign of destructive behavior (except with his toys, which don’t stand a chance). Bowser came into care needing urgent surgery to remove a very large fatty tumor (which was benign) from his lower abdomen. The surgery was a true success but as you may expect, Bowser grew very protective of this area. If another dog approaches quickly, or goes to this sensitive area, Bowser will react defensively. For this reason, he needs slow introductions to dogs and is best walked with a muzzle to avoid any potential issues when he gets surprised. He is totally fine with the muzzle on and goes about his walk. Bowser is not aggressive but can get very worried if other dogs, who he isn’t familiar with, go sniffing around this sensitive area and can lash out (dogs only, never towards people). Bowser does LOVE squirrels, rabbits etc, so a home without a cat or small animals and someone with experience with prey drive is recommended. This big boy is incredible around humans, and would thrive in a home with adults and teenagers, and can get along with other dogs with proper slow introductions and supervised play until he gets comfortable.

Samson- 8 Year Old Boston Terrier/Bulldog Mix- ADOPTED!

Samson is a very gentle and loving 8-year-old Boston Terrier/Bulldog. He is at least 50 pounds and is strong. His is a sad but all too common story. A few months ago his family added a new puppy and kitten to the family. The puppy quickly grew big and Samson was being bullied .  He would either get annoyed towards her overly obnoxious play or would slink away. The family chose to surrender him as they felt he was not happy in the home anymore.  Samson is extremely adaptable to a new home, is house trained and loves to please. He will do anything for a belly rub! He very much enjoys the company of humans and would love a family where there is someone home with him during the day. However, he is very well behaved when left alone – no chewing on objects, no barking, and no anxiety. He will just take a nice relaxing nap while his family is away. Samson is a bit protective of his loved ones and will bark at strangers at first but once his belly is rubbed he becomes an instant friend! He has a bad habit of barking at his humans for attention.  His foster family has been working on this and it is getting better but can be a little jarring at first.  Samson doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and has been nothing but gentle and sweet with everyone he has met.  Samson has been around children in foster care and has been gentle but not overly interested in them.  The same is true for other dogs in the home- he is respectful and gentle but not overly interested in playing.  If he goes to a home with another dog it will need to be a dog who is calm and lower energy, not a pushy dog who will be in his face.  We don’t want that to happen again to sweet Samson.  Samson loves playing in the backyard and taking long walks, and will thrive in an environment where he can get exercise everyday. Samson is such a deserving soul who loves to learn new tricks and has so much to offer. He will thoroughly enjoy the warmth and stability of a new family and his new family will be blessed with a loyal and loving best friend.

Samson is up to date on all vaccines and is being neutered tomorrow. After a few days of recovery, he will be ready to meet potential families.

Adoption Fee: $300

Stevie- 4 Year Old Yorkie- ADOPTED!

NOT AVAILABLE YET – this little nugget is Stevie, a 4 year old Yorkie that came to us from the shelter where she had been dropped off for euthanasia. Why you ask? Well seems she had a cyst type mass on the side of her face, but at only 4 yrs the shelter wanted to give her a chance and reached out to rescue. Boy are we glad they did – an analysis of the fluid shows that it is benign and likely only a salivary gland cyst which can be safely removed!
She is affectionate and loves to be with her people… as close as possible.

Please note that any applications or inquiries will only be responded to once Stevie is ready for adoption.

Jezebel- 5 Month Old Malanois Mix- ADOPTED!

This gorgeous girl is Jezebel, a 5 month old Malanois mix. She was rescued by a Good Samaritan from neglectful conditions, having spent most of her life in a crate, underfed and under socialized. When she first came into care she was thin and very sensitive to loud noises. In the few weeks she’s been in ODR’s care she has blossomed and is ready to find her forever home.

Jezebel is very loving and bonds tightly with her humans. She does best when people and other dogs allow her to decide how to approach and interact. Once introduced she is awesome. Jezebel is sensitive and can be a bit hand shy until she gets to know someone and feels comfortable. Her fosters have been working with her and she gets better everyday. A typical Mal, she is very intelligent, craves exercise and is constantly on the lookout for a job. She has mastered scent games and puzzle toys and will start treadmill training shortly. She is crate trained, housebroken and food and toy motivated. Jezebel loves praise, snuggles and kisses. Once her human spends the time and energy to build a relationship with her, she is all in and very loyal. Jezebel knows the basics like sit and stay and is working on walking well on leash. We are working on mouthing and jumping up as she does that when she’s anxious. Continued obedience training is a must for her in her new home as is a family that is very active and will provide her with consistent, daily exercise.  

Jezebel loves children but because of her tendency to jump and be mouthy with people, children in the home should be older and dog savvy.  She absolutely loves the dogs in her foster home and plays endlessly with them. Jezebel has not been cat tested.  She loves to be the centre of the action and needs constant exercise as is typical of the breed. Jezebel is in search of a forever home where her family will spend time working her mind and body.  Her ideal home will be a family that makes her an integral part of their daily lives. Jezebel has amazing potential and has blossomed so much in the short time she has been in care.

Jezebel is up to date on all age appropriate vaccines and will be spayed when she is 6 months old.  ODR will cover the cost of this procedure.

Adoption Fee: $550

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