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Paisley- 3.5 Month Old Mixed Breed- ADOPTED

Paisley is a sweet gentle 14 week old mixed breed puppy who is looking for a active family to call her own. When she came into care she was a little unsure of our intentions, but as time has passed Paisley has opened up and she just keeps getting better! She will dance around with excitement as you greet her and will happily play with you or give you puppy kisses. Paisley loves toys, people, children and other dogs. She is very food motivated and loves her food and treats. Crated trained and walks well on leash. She’s working on housetraining and is improving daily.
Paisley prefers to be at the centre of the action and can be vocal when separated from her people. Because of this, she’s not a good candidate for an apartment or townhouse and would benefit from having someone with her during part of the day. One of her favourite things to do is play with her foster brother Fang and endlessly chase him. She loves to play with her toys and is very active and fast. Do you have an active forever home with another fur brother or sister for this sweet girl?


Petey- 2 Year Old Shar-Pei- ADOPTED!

Petey is a bright, inquisitive and fun loving two year old baby Hippo….errr, Shar-Pei!! He has never met a dog or a person he hasn’t liked. Everything is interesting to Petey and he likes to supervise everything that his foster momma or any other person does.

Petey is a snuggle bug and loves pets and any sort of attention. He is just learning his manners, and so far we have learned recall in the house and in a fenced in dog park. He is house and crate trained and does pretty well on leash. Foster momma has never heard him bark, though he does whine when he needs to go outside.

Clean counters and a dog friendly house are a must as Petey is a very curious fella. Also, no cats please. Though he is living with one currently, he likes to chase them just a bit too much. It would also be good if he could have a fur brother or sister to wrestle with that is stronger than him, and could teach him how to play with a pack.

Adoption Fee: $400

Titan- 3 Year Whippet/Spaniel Mix- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION- Titan is a 3 year old whippet spaniel mix with adorable spots and a little white tipped tail. True to his breed he can be high energy but he is also naturally cuddly and content to hang out cuddled up next to you. Whippets have low body fat so they are heat seeking missiles, so if you have snuggled under a blanket he will most likely be under it with you. Titan’s favorite things are to go for walks, play frisbee or ball and go on bike rides. And if someone can keep up with him, he loves to go for a run! In order to be able to fully relax inside the house, Titan must have his exercise needs met every day. He has great recall but can be swayed by critters so a fenced yard is a necessity.

Titan is fully house trained and happily goes into his crate when his foster family goes out. He is curious of the cat in his foster home so if living with a cat it would need to be one who is dog savvy and friendly. He has not been around children while in care but because he is somewhat jumpy, we feel older children would be best.

Titan is a people pleaser and will do anything for treats. He loves showing off his tricks- he can walk on his hind feet, give kisses and will sit and lay down on command. Titan doesn’t bark a lot but when he does he will surprise you with his deep voice. If he is barking its because he is alerting you of something or someone in your vicinity that he’s unsure of.

Titan is an absolute gem and will make an active family a wonderful companion.

Adoption Fee $400

Spike- 10 Year Old Shih Tzu/Jack Russell- ADOPTED!

If you like to cuddle, Spike is the dog for you! He is a sweet, lovable senior who wants to be with his people as much as possible. Spike is 10 years old and is a mix of Shih Tzu and Jack Russell. He was surrendered to the shelter by his owners. Spike takes a little bit of time to warm up to new people but once he knows and trusts you, he is an absolute delight. Despite being older, Spike loves to play fetch and loves to have toys around. He chases his tail and will zoom around the house with pure joy. Spike has no problem keeping up with the younger dogs and will happily join them on a long walk. He is being fostered with older kids and a dog and he has been wonderful with both.

Spike’s only quirk is that he does not like to be left alone too much. Being crated causes him to panic and he will bark and try to get out. His foster family is working on leaving him alone in the house in a safe place where he doesn’t feel confined. We think that once he has time to settle in with a new family he will start to relax and feel more secure and the barking and nervousness will lessen. He has had a lot of upheaval in his life the last few weeks and he is understandably a little unsure. With time and consistency, this wonderful dog will realize that he is home to stay.

Spike’s perfect family will live in a detached house and will have someone home most of the time. Spike is neutered, up to date on all vaccines and has received a dental.

Adoption Fee $300

Mimi- 6 Years Old- ADOPTED!

Little Mimi came into care a few weeks ago. She was a stray at the shelter and needed foster care as she had “elephant skin” a bad skin yeast infection and missing hair all over. We believe she may be 6 years old and will have a better idea of her mix once her fur grows in.

She is amazingly sweet, friendly and outgoing and she’s good with kids and other dogs :). She is having medicated baths every few days and treatment for allergies and yeast infection after which we will start looking for her Furever home.

Annabelle- 1 Year Old Great Dane- ADOPTED!

This big pony… we mean puppy… is Annabelle. She’s an almost one year old Great Dane who recently came into care. She has now been spayed and is current on vaccinations. Annabelle’s a sweet goofy pup who lived with other dogs and cats, though she gets unbelievably excited at the sight of another dog on leash so will need leash training and obedience classes will be mandatory for adoption. She’s very strong and still wiggly and clumsy so no young kids is best as she could easily knock them over. She is also very tall and can reach counter tops so her new home will have to be patient in teaching her boundaries. She likes to snuggle and though she doesn’t love her crate she settles well and it is best to crate her until she outgrows her puppy stage.

We will be looking for a home with Dane experience to help her learn her size and her manners.

Annabelle’s adoption fee is $550

Toto- 1 Year Old Beagle- Adopted!

Available for adoption! This sweet and affectionate one year old beagle boy is Toto. He is hoping that he’ll find his Furever home quickly and finally be able to say “there’s no place like home”.

He is a ball of puppy energy – friendly, playful, goofy and gets along well with other dogs and kids. No attached housing for this guy as he can be somewhat vocal (he’s a beagle ). He is housetrained and crate trained but prefers to have the crate in the same room as his people for sleeping. Like all beagles, he needs lots of stimulation and exercise. He also follows his nose at every opportunity so a fully fenced yard is an absolute must. No kitties or small animals because once again…he’s a beagle and loves to chase. Being a young pup he will require some basic obedience classes to work on recall and leash walking. He does “sit” and “lie” down like a champ for a treat though so we are confident he will be a fast learner. Another active canine friend would be great to keep him happy and give him an outlet for his playfulness. He also loves to cuddle up with his people and will come snuggle and seek affection.

Toto’s adoption fee is $400 and he is fully vetted and neutered

Bella- 8 Year Old Mini Schnauzer- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!! Introducing Bella, or Bella Bear as she has been affectionately named by her foster family. She is an 8-year-old, 14 lb. mini schnauzer who sweet albeit timid and looking for a forever family that will win her trust and heart with consistency and gentle, steady movements. Quick actions and loud noises cause her to jump and hide. Bella is working on building her confidence so that she doesn’t cower when people bend down to pet her. She does seem to prefer females over males. Bella currently has no desire to play with toys, children or other dogs. She ignores her foster doggie brother and no amount of prodding from him will encourage her to play. She is wonderful on leash and a dream in the car. She is fully crate trained and is nondestructive in the home. She can be vocal when she is initially put in her crate (or taken out) or in the backyard so a detached home may be best. At bedtime, Bella is happy to curl up on her doggie bed. Bella knows her basic commands but would probably be easily trained as she is very food motivated. Bella Bear is a lovely, sweet girl that deserves a special furever home.
Her adoption fee is $300 and she is fully vetted.

Pablo Escobark- 6 Year Old Chihuahua- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – Pablo Escobark is a 6 year old chihuahua. He is a really great little guy and is good with other small dogs and calmer big dogs (big hyper dogs scare him a bit). He is also good with cats and with calm children over 12 yrs. He loves walks, car rides and chewy things, but his favorite thing is snuggling up and getting belly rubs. He lives for his snuggles. He would be fine in a house or apartment as he doesn’t bark much at all. At 4.4 pounds he is tough and fit with no health issues at all. He listens well to his name, comes when called, sits, goes in his crate and is willing to learn. He is housetrained and well behaved. He really is a sweet, fun fantastic little dog and he would love a home with another small playful dog, calmer environment and someone home often.

Pablo’s adoption fee is $400 and he is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and has had his teeth cleaned.

Aurora & Luna- 6 Year Old Chihuahuas- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – Luna and Aurora are 2 sweet and loving chihuahuas, about 6 – 7 years old. They were used as breeding dogs their whole life and are a bonded pair so MUST be kept together.

They are very quiet little girls, especially for chihuahuas, and would do best in a calm and quiet home. They love to cuddle with their people and sleep burrowed under fluffy blankets. They want to be petted and if you stop they will pull your hand back in.

They are house and crate trained and will sleep in their crate at night but are happiest curled up in bed with you.

They are cat and dog friendly and have liked everyone who is willing to pet them. They are up to date on vaccinations, spayed and had to have all their teeth removed so will remain on a soft food diet (softened kibble is fine). They are amazing little girls who will bond easily to a loving family.

Combined Adoption fee – $650

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