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Romeo- 7.5 Year Old Pekinese- Pending Adoption

Romeo came back into care recently because the other dog in the home was not adapting well and he also needs an owner who will keep his Napoleon complex in check!

Romeo is a spunky and energetic 7-8 yr old Pekinese. He came to us in terrible shape as a stray but has healed marvellously. He does have a level 2/3 heart murmur but is not symptomatic, has no issues and requires no medication at this time. In fact he keeps up with the larger dogs on walks and hikes and is always ready to go. He gets so excited to see his leash and harness he does a little dance and then struts his stuff proudly down the street As is common in small breeds, he has luxating patellas but he can still run, hop on and off the couch, in and out of cars, do stairs and pretty much anything else with no issues or discomfort at all.

He gets along with other dogs and is super playful but can be bossy with hyper in-your-face dogs and will tell them what’s what. He is totally fine with cats. He has been fostered with dog-savvy kids and has been great, though due to his age we won’t be placing him in a home with children under 12 as he can be a tad grumpy if grabbed quickly or over handled. He must have been kicked around as he will grumble if you try to herd him with your foot. He enjoys cuddles and will come for belly rubs then goes to lie down where it’s cool. Romeo is crate trained and will sleep quietly through the night. He is housetrained but may mark initially so a belly band is recommended for the first week or so. He can bark when he feels it is time for attention or to go out but does correct well with a firm shhh and squirt from the water bottle (and now often with just the threat of a squirt )This handsome little guy is so full of personality and will be a great addition to someone looking for a companion.

Romeos adoption fee is $300 and he will come fully vetted and is neutered.

Curly- 8.5 Years Old- ADOPTED!

Curly is a quiet cuddle bug. He is believed to be around 8-9 yrs old. If you like a companion that’s always by your side or on your lap he’s the one.  He only barks if there is too much commotion (with the bigger dogs) OR at exactly 6:15 when he knows it’s supper time. If you forget he will give you a friendly reminder.  He is crate trained but doesn’t need it and has had no accidents. He’s great with baths and grooming, especially with the after-bath cuddles.  Curly has no interest in the cat, great with other dogs. He loves his people and will take a scratch from anyone who offers. He hasn’t been around children but he does like things to be quieter so older would be better.  No prey drive but he will turn around and head home if he decides he doesn’t feel like a walk. Curly is great on and off leash, never far from your feet but he would rather be home just hanging with his people.

Since his extensive dental he is on soft food or softened hard food but can start eating harder food once he’s all healed.

Ideally curly would do really well with a retired couple or a quiet family with children over 12 – as long as he can have quiet time and cuddles he will be very happy.

Adoption fee – $300

Sheba- 5 Month Old Mixed Breed- ADOPTED!

 Sheba, a 5 month old mixed breed is a potcake from Barbados and is very sweet.

Sheba is extremely intelligent and loving. She plays very well with other dogs, doesn’t chase the squirrels and is very respectful of the older dogs. Potty training is coming along well if you stay on top of her timing and clues. She hasn’t quite put two and two together yet. Her mouthing is appropriate for playing and she rarely nips or puppy bites. However, she does not like if you try to take what she sees as food out of her mouth. You can reach in for other items that she steals but not what she thinks is food and so that will need continued work. She is also a snuggler and loves to cuddle when she’s tired.

Adoption fee $550

Mabel- 10 Year Old Daschund/Papillion Mix- Pending Adoption

Mabel is a gentle and loving 10 year old Dachshund/Papillion mix. Mabel arrived into care with severely infected teeth. She has since had all of her teeth removed and is feeling much better. Mabel will need to be on a soft diet for the rest of her life. She likes soft canned food with broth, baby food and softened kibble. She is crate trained, walks well on leash and is housebroken. She can be left on her own outside a crate and is not destructive. She will look for a cozy spot to curl up and nap while she waits for her people to return.

Mabel loves to explore during her walks and is becoming quite the little social butterfly. She is currently fostered with 2 large dogs. After a calm introduction where she was allowed to approach them on her own terms, they are now great friends.

Mabel would do well in a quiet household. She is fine with noise outside during walks and playing with other dogs but does startle easily when she’s in the house. Her foster Mother found this out during an episode of Criminal Minds and she is working with Mabel to help her overcome her fear of loud noises in the house.

Mabel loves other dogs, people, and older children. She enjoys her walks, riding in cars, snuggling with her people and watching TV. Do you have a safe space for this special girl in your life?

Adoption fee: $300

Jacko- 1.5 Year Old Chi Mix- ADOPTED!

My name is Jacko. I’m 1.5 yrs old, only 14 pounds and fully vetted including being neutered. I’m currently studying English as a second language. I’m doing well, but I’m a bit better en Francais… I love walks, car rides, jogging, playing with toys, chewing bones and eating.

I call myself a Jackhuahua…I look like a Chi, but I act like a Jack Russell. I like cats and other dogs, but if a big hyper dog gets out of line, I will put him in place.

I don’t love kids, they really freak me out and I get defensive – so let’s not go there.

I am house trained, love to snuggle on the couch, and find the human beds really comfy. I am a Houdini in the crate but am good being loose in the house so that’s a much better option for me.

Jacko’s adoption fee is $400

Lola- 10 Year Old Terrier- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE- This sweet little girl is Lola, a 10 year old bundle of love. She is literally a perfect dog – affectionate and friendly with all she meets. Lola is house trained, well behaved, is great on walks and lives for a warm lap to snuggle on or to just snooze beside you on the couch. She gets along great with other dogs but is not cat tested. Lola is a small pup at about 8 pounds, so children over 10 only please. Lola recently had a full dental cleaning with many teeth removed, is fully vaccinated and spayed, and is in great health otherwise

She will make the perfect little companion for a very lucky family.

Charlot- 2 Year Old Corgi Mix- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE – this handsome boy is Charlot – a 2 yr old corgi mix from a northern reserve. He is a very sweet boy who loves everyone he meets and is fine with cats. He can have a slight Napoleon complex with larger males but has been good with most dogs. Supervised intros are recommended. Charlot is crate trained and is doing really well with his housetraining. He is up to date on vaccines, neutered and recently had his teeth cleaned.

Charlot would love an active family that spends lots of time outdoors.

Adoption fee : $400

Mimi- 5 Year Old Chihuahua- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – Mimi is an approx. 5 year old female chihuahua that was found as a stray.

She wants to be picked up but when you reach for her she cowers or roles onto her back fearfully. You must move slowly and gently so not to scare her. Once in your arms she is content and happy to be there or on your lap for however long you will let her stay. Mimi loves her crate and feels it is her safe place, she is also housetrained now. She is under 5 lbs of pure love and would do well with a gentle small dog in her furever home but would thrive as a only dog as well. When introduced to a dog she perks right up walks up to them tail wagging. She is a quiet little girl and barks when the other dogs are barking but rarely does she instigate any noise. So an apartment or town house would be fine.

One of her eyes is larger then the other and we’ve been giving her drops and there has been improvement. She has a luxating patella for which she will be undergoing surgery. She will then need a dental and a spay, but this little one is worth every penny.

Billy- 7 Month Old Lab Mix- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE- this sweet pup is Billy a 7 month old labrador retriever mix.  He is a super happy, excitable boy who loves to play with his foster brother and running around at the dog park.  He knows some of his basic tricks and is currently learning more. He is already very well potty trained. He loves to sleep in my crate at night.  He is fantastic with kids and dogs, And doesn’t mind cats, mostly because he knows when to play vs. when to stop.

He is fully up to date on vaccines and has just been neutered.

Adoption Fee $550

Luna- 3 Month Old Shepherd Mix- ADOPTED!

This gorgeous girl is Luna, a 14 week old Shepherd mix. She was surrendered to ODR because her owners were very allergic to her.  Luna is a typical, happy go lucky pup who loves to play with everyone she meets.  Since being in foster care, Luna’s housetraining is coming along, she is learning to walk politely on leash and happily goes into her crate when her foster family is out.  She needs to be let out often throughout the day as she can’t hold her bladder for long.  She is being fostered with kids, dogs and cats and gets along with them all.  She corrects easily and will listen when told to stop doing something.  Luna is looking for a family that is active and will help to burn her puppy energy.  She will need plenty of exercise and obedience training to help her grow into a well mannered dog.  Luna can be excitable and jumpy, so will need a family with dog savvy kids who won’t be intimidated by her bounciness.  With exercise, boundaries, training and lots of love, Luna will make a wonderful addition to a very lucky family.

Luna is spayed and up to date on all vaccines.

Adoption Fee: $550

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