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Tia- 9 Year Old Schnauzer-ADOPTED!

This little lady is a wonderful companion and wants to be around you at all times. Content to sleep on her bed next to you, but would prefer to be on your lap! Tia is housetrained and asks to go out.. while out she is very good off leash in a fenced area. She walks great on a leash. Most nights Tia sleeps through the night. Tia does not need to be crated. She just sleeps in her bed until you return home. Tia is currently in a home with older children and another dog and is great with both. She really just wants to be loved and we believe she would be better suited in a home where someone works at home or is retired. She loves car rides and just sleeps in the seat where you place her. Untested with cats. Tia has been diagnosed with Cushings and requires 2 pills a day. She is thriving now that she is on medication. Monthly medication fee: @ $75 plus a controlled low fat diet. Tia will need regular monitoring of her Cushings.

Adoption Fee $300

Trooper- 3 Year Old Terrier Mix- ADOPTED!

After living in a puppy mill for 2-4 years, Trooper came to us very shut down. With a lot of love and patience, he has come a long way in the 3 months he’s been in foster care. Trooper now knows what toys are and loves each and every one of them; he loves to surround himself with his friends. Some might even say he’s becoming a bit of a hoarder! Although he’s still very timid, he’s starting to look for affection and likes a good chin scratch. He loves the outdoors and is learning to walk on a leash. It’s such a big world out there for a dog that didn’t know anything other than a cage so new experiences can be scary and intimidating. Trooper will continue to need patience and time but also a family that will push him a bit to go beyond his comfort zone.
Trooper is non-destructive in the house and is housetrained. He is being fostered with a balanced dog and will look to him if he needs reassurance or guidance. He would really benefit if his new family had another calm, friendly and confident dog to show him the ropes. He’s non-reactive with cats. Trooper has met a few children and if they leave him alone until he’s ready, he’s quite interested in them. Trooper will need a quiet home and would blossom more quickly if someone was home with him during the day to keep working with him. He does not do well with negative discipline and prefers a quiet voice. There’s much to learn in the long term but Trooper is very smart and a quick learner. Right now he’s not a big cuddler but is starting to bond with his foster mom. Trooper trusts her now and will look to her for cues.
He will undoubtedly take a step back in a new home but we’re looking for a forever family who can give him the patience and direction he will need to grow into the best dog he can be. Trooper must find a home with a fenced yard as he may run if he gets scared. Trooper deserves a family who will take the time to show him how wonderful life can be.
Adoption Fee $400

Pebbles- 5 Year Old Shih Tzu- Pebbles- ADOPTED!

NOT AVAILABLE YET – Pebbles still needs to see the vet for her spay and general exam, but this is what we have learned about her so far.


Pebbles is an adorable +/- 5 year old shitzu. She is quiet unless she sees something passing by and then she will let you know! She loves toys and fetch is her favorite game. She can be a little leash reactive (barking) when sees other dog and we are working on that – she isn’t aggressive, she just really wants to say ‘hi’! She is great with other dogs and has no food, toy or people aggression. She adores her humans and loves to snuggle. Pebbles is house trained and we are working on crate training – she is a very smart and attentive girl.

Timmy- 8.5 Year Old Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix- ADOPTED!


Timmy is a very sweet Shih Tzu X Pekingese mix who is approximately 8-9 years old. He is calm, independent and very funny. He would benefit from having another calm dog in the home so he can snuggle for naps and for companionship but he likes to sleep at his people’s feet at night. Tim will nap anywhere but prefers some height, like the back of the couch or a full laundry basket. if he is comfortable he may be a bit grumpy to be moved roughly.

Tim is usually patient and polite and he has an adorable acrobatic routine to get your attention. He doesn’t seem to recognize children as anything he is interested in. A couple sniffs and he finds something else to do so a calm home without kids would suit him best. He bonds with men and women equally and is not afraid of anything. A fenced yard will keep “Tim Bits” from heading out on an adventure of his own which he seems to enjoy. He loves a cuddle (like a baby), a belly rub, a chin scratch and an “all over massage” (even his paws). This is a good time to wash those whiskers and put in his eye drops. He is very tolerant of both and seems to enjoy it most times. Tim Bits has “Dry eyes” and needs drops a few times per day so someone home more often than not would be ideal for him. Although Timmy is very gentle, he can be food protective with other dogs or when being picked up if his warnings are ignored. When giving treats, “open palm” is best – he gets very enthusiastic if he really likes it and fingers can unintentionally get in the way

Timmy was recently neutered and though he has an asymptomatic level 2 heart murmur it causes him absolutely no issues. He is housetrained and can trustee loose in the home.

He has been brave and so tolerant through all his medical treatments and will add love, laughter and loyalty to his forever home.

Timmy’s adoption fee is $300

Spanky- 1 Tear Old Lab Mix- ADOPTED!

SPANKY is a very playful and fun 1 year old lab X who is great with other dogs, people, is affectionate and loves car rides. He sleeps through the night, is housebroken and knows basic commands. He still needs work on recall so a HIGH fenced yard is a must. He loves a good run with his doggy friends but does quiet down nicely in the house. Being a puppy he has chewed the odd thing, and he’s strong and excitable so a home with older kids would be best. He would love to have another playful dog in the home to help burn his energy, though he may need corrections/reminders to share nicely the first few days. We strongly recommend basic obedience classes to help his focus and build a strong bond.

Spanky is fully vetted, neutered and his adoption fee is $400.

Stabler- 1 Year Old Boxer/ Lab Mix – ADOPTED

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – Stabler, is an approximately 1yr old handsome boxer X lab mix pup sporting a beautiful brindle coat. He was quite thin at ~60 lbs but has gained weight since arriving into care and is still growing. He has also been through 3 weeks of board and train and is doing really well. He can be whiny in new situations but now sleeps quietly in his crate at night and settles well in the home.

He seems to be non destructive if left loose, though that freedom should be earned in his new home.

He is very sweet and gentle and is great with dogs as well as kids. He has been to the fenced in dog park numerous times and he loves to play and run around and is very respectful with the other dogs.

He has now been neutered and is housetrained

He can be a stubborn puppy at times and requires continued basic obedience training but is food motivated and eager to please. Obedience classes are highly recommended. He is quite the affectionate boy and will thrive with another playful dog and an active home.

Stabler is up to date on vaccinations and his adoption fee is $550.

Benji- 10 Year Old Terrier Mix- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – Meet Benji aka “little bear”, a cute and cuddly 10 years young dog. Found as a stray, Benji loves to be with his humans. He is fully house trained, and enjoys his walks; but not too long as he gets cold easily. Benji prefers to sleep in bed with his people, and on a blanket close by. He loves his humans so much, that he does not like to be left alone for long periods of time; so, an apartment or townhouse would not be suitable for him. He would prefer a stay at home person so he can snuggle all day long in a nice quiet environment.

Adoption Fee $300

Thanos- 2 Year Old Doberman- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – This handsome boy is Thanos, a 2 year old Red Doberman Pinscher. He loves to be near his humans, he loves walks and treats. His favourite activity is playing ball and he will play until your arm is tired.

Thanos is crate-trained, though he does occasionally whine while in his crate. A simple ‘no’ usually quiets him down. He is clean in the house and well-mannered. He knows several commands, including sit, stay, down, crate and no. He’s working hard to learn not to beg, his stay doesn’t hold long when food is involved. ;)

Although Thanos previously lived with a cat, he does fixate on them and the attention may be unwanted. For the well being of the cat we would suggest a cat-free home for Thanos. He is excellent with children, though he is a fair size so children 8+ would probably be best so that he doesn’t accidentally knock anyone down. He is great with other dogs and people.

This boy is super sweet and we know he’ll be someone’s best pal for life. Is that you? Submit your application for adoption and find out!

Thanos’s adoption fee is $400.

Maya- 9 Year Old Terrier Mix- ADOPTED!

Meet Maya, a tiny 9 year old terrier mix.  Maya was surrendered to a shelter from an unpleasant home situation and the shelter asked if we could take her into care. When she first arrived, it was immediately evident that she desperately needed a dental as well as a spay.  She has recovered well from these procedures and is ready to go to her furever home.  Maya is 8 pounds of happy sweetness. She is friendly with all she meets and lives for a cuddle on your lap or just lying beside you on the couch.  She is good with other dogs and showed zero interest in a cat when we tested her.  Maya loves human company and gets anxious when left alone. She will bark when no one is home and although it’s a quiet bark, we will only be looking at detached homes for her. Maya will be happiest in a family where she is not left alone for hours at a time. Maya does not like to be crated, however she is not destructive when home alone and has been taught to use pee pads. She is a quick learner and mostly does her business outside but full house training is still a work in progress. Although she loves kids, children over 10 would be best because of her small size.  Maya is non-shedding and has very fine body hair so a cozy sweater in the colder months is a must. This little charmer will make a great addition for the right family!

Adoption Fee $300

Mojo- 8 Year Old Pekingese Mix- ADOPTED

Meet our little friend Mojo! He is a 8 year old Pekingese mix, looking for his perfect retirement home. Mojo loves to cuddle and play fetch all in the comfort of a warm home. He is getting used to short walks, but prefers to stay close to home because those trucks can sure be scary. Mojo enjoys the company of his foster fur sister and feels more confident when she is around – he’s more of a follower than a leader!

Mojo can be timid of kids and finds men intimidating but is working on his fears. A quiet home without kids and with a confident fur buddy to lead the way would be ideal. He is house trained and crate trained although he is fine when left alone.

Cats? – Unknown
Kids? – no
Other dogs? – YES!!

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