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Bear- 7 Year Old Mastiff/St.Bernard Mix- Available

Bear is an older gentleman looking for a retirement home. He’s an approx. 7 yr old Mastiff X St Bernard mix who is good with dogs, cats and people. However due to his size, no small children please.

Bear has some arthritis and will require daily supplements to help him along. No big deal, he loves taking them.
He is still a little underweight, therefore he will need help gaining an extra few pounds, but otherwise he is in good health.

Bear enjoys very short walks and really loves hanging around outside so he will need a home with a yard or property. Once he comes inside he just wants a big comfy dog bed to sleep on. Can you open your home to this gentle giant?

Adoption fee $300

Bailey- 1 Year Old Shih Tzu/Pekinese- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – This wee boy is Bailey – a one year old Shih tzu X pekinese. When he first arrived in care he was afraid of his own shadow but he is gradually coming out of his shell and learning to be a dog :) He is also learning that he doesn’t have to guard things from his humans and that we are allowed to take things from him. It’s a slow process but he’s smart and a sweet little guy, he’ll catch on ;) In the meantime he will have boundaries and structure and earn his rewards

Ruckus, Bongo & Ryder- 8 Week Old Rottie Mix- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – These 3 pups arrived in care last weekend. Meet Ruckus, Bongo and Ryder, 7 week old male rottie mixes who will be available for adoption in about 3 weeks.
Please note that any inquiries and applications will only be responded to once they are available for adoption.

Tifa- 3 Year Old Husky Mix- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – This stunning girl is Tifa, a 3 yr old husky mix that came into care last week. She is very sweet and friendly and gets along well with other dogs. More details to come.

Nala- 5 Year Old Cocker Spaniel Mix- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – this wee girl is Nala, a 5 yr old cocker spaniel mix. She is very cuddly and affectionate once she knows you but she can be timid initially. We will be working on leash reactivity and basic commands. Nala is good with people and dogs once she settles in.

Eddie- 1 Year Old Lab/Shep/Mastiff Mix- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – This big beautiful boy is Eddie, a 1 yr old lab X shep X mastiff mix. He is great with all but has a big prey drive so no cats or small animals around him. He is good with people of all ages and dogs :). More details to come.

Romeo- 8 Year Old Pekinese- Not Yet Available

This handsome little guy is Romeo, an approx. 8 yr old pekinese – he was an emergency intake from the shelter on the weekend and required treatment for a wound on his back end that had infected tissue and …. maggots . AVAH did a wonderful job cleaning the wound and shaving off terrible terrible matts that were so painful and left Romeo with some seriously inflamed and infected skin from the urine and feces caught in them. We also did some bloodwork and a urine test which showed a kidney/bladder infection. He is taking everything like a champ and we are hopeful he will be feeling better soon.
*** please note that any inquiries or applications will only be responded to once he is available for adoption ***

Dudley- 1 Year Old Bassett Hound Mix- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – Dudley is a 1 yr old goofy Bassett hound mix that arrived in care this weekend. He is fantastic with people and other dogs. He is super affectionate and will get as close as you will possibly let him but he will also go lay down when told. He still needs to see our vet and we will post more details once we get to know him better.
*** Please note that any inquiries or applications will only be answered once he is ready for adoption. ***

Pattie- 10 Year Old Shih Tzu- Available

Pattie is a friendly and curious Shih Tzu who was surrendered by her previous owners. This spunky little lap dog loves getting belly rubs and chin scratches, but she gets unhappy if you stop too soon! The little snorts she makes are very endearing.

Pattie is housetrained and can be left uncrated during the day as she is not destructive when left alone. She is quiet during the day, but she will let you know when she starts getting hungry at dinnertime! Pattie is good on a leash and is always excited to meet other dogs. She is starting to show her playful side and gets along well with her current doggie roommate.

Because of Pattie’s age and size, we will only adopt her to a home with children who are 8 years old and older.

Adoption Fee: $300

Fred – 7 Year Old Coonhound- Available

Meet Fred, a 7 yr old Coonhounds luv bug. He has come such a long way since coming into care with Ottawa Dog Rescue, and he is loving human affection and indoor living. He is incredibly sweet and affectionate and enjoys sniffing around in the yard. Housetraining is coming along very well and the marking has dwindled with correction and training. Being an outdoor dog, it was a learning process for him and he is catching on really well :)
He does take comfort from the presence of another dog, and having another friendly dog in the home will definitely help any anxiety he might feel with the transition to a new home. He still needs work on leash but is highly food motivated and treats work great for training. He is a typical hound in that he can bark/bay for a short while when first crated but is then silent for the night – he would likely be able to be loose once settled into the home and can be trusted not to mark ( this can take a few days with any new dog). He may even wiggle his way into bed with you that’s how much he loves people. He does not have an aggressive nature but with his prey drive he does like to get involved in a squirrel chase with the rest of the pack. He is good with other dogs, and there has been no resources guarding seen at all.

He is amazing with people and because he has been so starved for affection, he craves it and will soak it up like a dry sponge. He loves to be pet and to lean on you. He can pretty much be touched and manipulated every where with no issues. This older boy is just looking for a home where he can sniff in the yard to his hearts content, sleep indoors on a comfy pillow and be showered with affection from his humans. He is up to date on vaccinations, neutered and tested heartworm negative.

Adoption Fee – $300

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