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Rocky- 8 Year Old Terrier Mix- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – Meet Rocky – an 8 year old male terrier mix that just arrived into care this week from the shelter. He had surgery today as he had kidney stones but even while in pain he has a been a sweet little guy. We don’t know much about him just yet but will post an updated profile once he has recovered.

Please note that applications and inquiries for Rocky will only be answered once he is available for adoption.

Silas- 4 Year Old Rottie- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – Meet Silas, a 4 year old luv bug rottie boy who will steal your heart. This big boy loves everyone and is great with kids and other dogs. He has some allergies that we will be working on but whoever ends up with this guy will be a very lucky family! More details to come once he’s settled in.

Please note that applications and inquiries for Silas will only be responded to once he is available for adoption.

Bam Bam- 2.5 Year Old Shepherd Mix- Available

AVAILABLE for adoption! Bam Bam is now looking for his Furever home! He’s a 2-3 yr old shepherd mix who is a giant lap dog and luv bug. He’s a big boy at over 90 lbs but is super sweet and friendly with everyone he meets and he loves to play with other dogs. He’s housetrained and crate trained – he must be crated as he can be destructive when left loose. No cats or small animals for him and no young kids as he is big and bouncy and could easily knock him over.

Adoption fee : $400

Wilbur- 6 Year Old Shih Tzu- Not Yet Available

Just arrived in care from the shelter – Wilbur the 6/7 yr old shih tzu ❤️ He is a total sweetheart and is in need of some medical attention before being available for adoption. Welcome!

Harmon- 10 Year Old Cocker Spaniel- Not Yet Available

Just arrived in care from the shelter – Harmon the 10 yr old cocker spaniel. He is a total sweetheart and is in need of some medical attention before being available for adoption. Welcome to the beginning of your new life!

Paige- 2.5 Year Old Chiwennie- Available

Meet Paige She is a 2-3 yr old chiwennie (chi X doxie) and is a fantastic little girl. She comes to us as a stray from the streets of the Dominican Republic where she was rescued and brought to Canada for a chance at a better life. Yes – we will occasionally take in appropriately vetted dogs from international rescues to help out as we believe rescue knows no borders.

Paige (affectionately nicknamed Poco) is very sweet, loving, playful and smart. She loves walks, car rides, treats and playing with people and other dogs of all sizes. She barks when in the crate, so an apartment or attached housing won’t work for her. She has been exposed to kids of all ages with no big issue other than some light mouthing. This week’s job is to finish house training. She’s mostly there but still has the odd accident. She shows no food or toy guarding at all and is perfect on leash. She would really love to have a canine friend or someone home as she does get lonely if left for a full work day.

Her adoption fee is $400 and the application can be found on our website :

Tito- 9 Year Old Chihiahua/Papillon Mix- Adopted

This little guy is Tito, a 9 year old chihuahua-papillon mix. While his first language is French, this intelligent little dog is quickly picking up English commands and he now recognizes his name! His foster family is working on expanding his repertoire of circus tricks. Despite his size and age, he has great stamina and can manage a 45 minute walk with ease. On walks, he is friendly towards human strangers but when meeting other dogs, his manners could use some work. He prefers meeting smaller dogs instead of big dogs. Tito would do best as the only dog in a house.

At home, he has his favourite napping spots and is quiet and respectful during the day. He enjoys playing with his toys, and is eager to please. Tito gets very excited when greeting you in the morning and loves to give little kisses. At night, he loves to curl up in bed with his humans to sleep, but he is respectful and only joins them on the bed when invited. Tito is housetrained and non destructive when left alone. He doesn’t like being crated but is fine being confined to small area. Tito is neutered and up to date on all vaccines.

This gentle little dog is looking for his forever home, and a family who will give him unconditional love and unlimited belly-rubs!

Adoption Fee: $300

Bondar- 6.5 Year Old Chocolate Lab- Adopted

Bondar , a puppy mill survivor is a typical lab – she loves everyone. She may be starting her senior years, yet she is more active than many dogs half her age, and will need an active home. She is also on a weight-loss journey, so requires a minimum of an hour of walking / ball throwing daily. She loves other dogs and people of all ages, but she is excitable and loves to give face washes. Her manners have been improving, but she does pull very strongly on walks and can jump up and lick. Bondar rarely barks and is easily crated, yet she can be left out in the home as she is non-destructive and perfectly house trained. She stayed away from the resident cat, but has growled occasionally so it’s unknown how she would react to another cat.

Bondar’s ideal home would have a similar sized canine friend – she LOVES to wrestle and play – and have plenty of time for snuggles on the couch. She recently had a cancerous cyst removed but her prognosis is great as it was a non-invasive growth and her scans are clear – it will need yearly monitoring. She is a wonderfully sweet dog who is always happy with life, and will bring a lot of love to her forever home

Adoption Fee: $400

Winston & DeeDee- 10 Year Old Yorkies- Available

Winston and DeeDee are bonded 10 year old Yorkshire Terriers looking for their forever home. They are a little over 2 kilos each but don’t let their size fool you, they have big characters for such small dogs. They came to ODR as their owner was having health issues so they were loved but a little neglected at the end. Having their health issues resolved has added years to their lives, they can be so silly. Both dogs had their teeth extracted and will now require soft food. DeeDee also had several kidney stones removed so a soft urinary diet dog food is recommended. They are very similar but very different at the same time. They are both very smart and learn quickly. They are pee pad trained but Winston is learning to do his business outside. DeeDee on the other hand likes to go outside for a little pee but prefers to come inside to finish. They both love to be where you are and are very nosy as they need to know what you’re doing at all times. They aren’t crated at night as both need to get up in the night but they use the pee pad and go back to bed. They are non destructive when left alone but DeeDee can be vocal asking to go with you when you’re leaving. They may bark if they hear something but a look or a correction quickly resolves that. They have no quarrel with cats and love people. They travel easily, Winston curls up in the car seat and sleeps and DeeDee is the navigator as she stands and watches everything. DeeDee and Winston may take a little time to settle in but when they do, they are wonderful companions, loving and cuddly and so sweet.

Adoption Fee: $500(for the pair)

Stella- 4 Year Old Saluki/Lab Mix- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – Meet Stella, a 4 year old Saluki X lab. Stella is a sweet girl. Though she is timid at first in new situations she is affectionate and friendly. She is house and crate trained and has a medium energy level. She does not like to share her space with other dogs, though we will be working on that and hopefully get her to a place where she is comfortable with them.

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