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Hannah-1.5 Year Old Mix- Available

Hi. I’m Hannah. I was a Korean meat farm dog who was saved and given a second chance here in Canada. I am finally ready to look for my special furever home.
I am a beautiful 1.5 yr old, 35 lbs mixed breed, with a lovely and passive demeanor. I love all dogs and cats. Humans however…well…I really want to like them and have made great progress but am still not 100% sure. You see, I have not had much positive contact with them in my short life, so it’s going to take time for me to trust but I’m trying hard.

When I first arrived all I did was pace – everything was new and scary and I just couldn’t stop moving. I am a very curious and smart girl and over time, (and with the help of some medication) I have learned that I can relax. I still startle but I’m getting used to the sounds of a home.

I have let foster momma groom and pet me and when I am interested in you, you will know it because I will give you a nose bump! Foster momma also says I shed like the dickens so if you want to spend a lifetime with me you’re going to need a good brush and vacuum!

I love to be outside and run in the backyard with other dogs. I need a large fenced back yard or to be on a long leash all the time when outside. I don’t really have leash skills yet but she thinks I am very smart and can learn. I am learning some words like my name, outside, in, and treat. I also need to be with at least one other well balanced and playful dog because that’s how I learn and they give me comfort. I am a pack dog and without a buddy, I can howl if I am really lonely.

I like sitting on a pet bed (that smells like another dog or cat or human), the couch and human bed (when invited). I’m never crated and I have been wonderful when left in the house. I am learning my outside toilet skills, but am pee pad trained and still need it if you are not home.

My new home should be kind of special. I would like to have someone continue my training and socialization and, if they were home all day, that would be the best! I need my new parents to be patient, and to understand I may never be as much of a cuddle bug like some of the other ODR dogs. I also would like a quiet home, with no kids because quick movements or loud noises startle me.

That’s all for now. If you like me, please send an application and we can meet to see if we hit it off.

Murphy- 1.5 Year Old Collie Mix- Available

Murphy is a beautiful 1.5 year old collie mix with the typical collie high levels of energy and intelligence. In spite of having no training or socialization in the first years of his life, Murphy has quickly learned many commands and good-dog behaviours in his foster home. He loves to play, and cuddle with the foster family dog, and takes cues from her in everything from squirrel-chasing to best methods of getting extra treats. Murphy is crate-trained and sleeps quietly all night in his crate, only crying to signal a need to go outside. He should also be crated when left alone in the house, as he will chew on inappropriate items. Murphy is extremely smart, and highly trainable, with a strong food drive. He would make an excellent agility or fly-ball dog as he has needs to be challenged both physically and mentally. Murphy spent the first year and a half of his life in his crate with no input, so the perfect family for him would understand that he doesn’t want to be left alone any more. His ideal family is one that will not leave Murphy alone for full days.  He very much needs the connection of having someone close to him and it would not be good for his mental state to spend too much time alone.  Murphy would also LOVE to have another playful dog in the house.  Murphy alert-barks at the doorbell and if he sees or hears people near the house. This is easily stopped with a spray of water and he’s learning that a couple of barks are sufficient. He has quickly learned to heel on a short leash with a treat in your hand and his attention is amazing as long as there are no distractions. However, Murphy is over-reactive to other dogs, people, runners, bikers, etc and so he needs obedience training to learn more appropriate ways to channel his overwhelming excitement at everything he encounters in the world.  His new family will have to be committed on training Murphy to be the very best he can be.  Murphy is gentle and sweet, and will climb into your lap after a good day of exercise and games, to get some well-deserved cuddles.

Adoption Fee $400

Mozart- 3 Year Old Mini Schnauzer Mix- Adopted!


Meet Mozart, a 3 year old Mini Schnauzer Mix. He was very loved in his previous family but due to some life changes, we were asked to help find Mozart a new home. He is such a happy boy. He is so kind and gentle, great with kids, others dogs and cats. Mozart is quite the snuggle bug and will happily sleep in your bed if you let him but he’s also happy to sleep in his crate. He loves walks and after he is exercised, he likes to cuddle up for a long nap. Mozart only barks if the door is open and he can see other animals outside. He is fully housetrained, neutered and up to date on all shots.

Adoption Fee $400

Dallas- 2 Year Old Shepherd- Adopted!

AVAILABLE – Dallas is a gorgeous 2 year old shepherd. He’s an intelligent, obedient and sweet natured boy. He’s great with kids and other dogs, but no cats or other little furry creatures for him. As is typical of shepherds, he can play for hours and needs a lot of stimulation – both mental and physical. He also loves to snuggle and thinks he’s a lap dog at times. He does protect the house and will bark a little when he hears cars or people outside. He doesn’t need to be crated as he mostly stays by the door waiting for the family to come home. He has had some basic training and would do amazing at some sort of agility or dog sport. Dallas will require and active family in order to thrive and he would also really enjoy another canine companion.

Adoption fee : $400

Spike- 6 Year Old Lab Mix- Adopted!

AVAILABLE! Look who’s staying at the Westin.  Spike is now ready to find his Furever home! He’s a lovely 6 yr old lab mix that is great with people, kids and other dogs! He’s quiet, affectionate, well behaved and will make the perfect addition. He would love to have someone home at least part of the day and does require his daily exercise.

If you would like to meet him please send us an application. Only approved applicants will be able to walk him at The Westin Ottawa. He is not always in the pen so in order not to be disappointed please reach out to us first.

Ruby- 1.5 Year Old Mastiff/Ridgeback- Not Yet Available

This timid girl is Ruby, a 1-2 year old Mastiff x Ridgeback that came into care last week with some medical issues (skin allergies and salivary gland). She is friendly with people and will seek affectionate once she gets to know you. She is not yet spayed and can be dominant with other dogs but thanks to Street Wise Canine she is now learning proper social interactions and how to pick up on and respect other dogs cues. She had some anxiety when arriving (we don’t think she was ever socialized) but has since learned to be comfortable in her crate.

Once she’s feeling better and has had a few more weeks of training we will be looking for her Furever home.

Maggie- 11 Year Old Bassett Hound- ADOPTED

NOT AVAILABLE YET- yesterday we welcomed Maggie, an 11 yr old Bassett hound. She was found as a stray and the shelter reached out as she has some health issues to address before finding her Furever retirement home. She is very sweet and great with people and dogs alike. We will post updates as we learn more about her.

Please note that due to the high volume of messages and emails we receive, we will not be able to respond to inquiries or applications until she is ready for adoption!

Christian- 4 Years Old- Adopted!

This handsome boy is “Christian Grey” and he comes all the way from Spain where he spent 3 of his 4 yrs in a shelter. He’s very people and dog social and we are excited to find his perfect home so he can finally have the life he deserves. He has high prey drive so no cats or other little furry creatures. Christian was not well treated in his early life – he was shot leaving many pellets imbedded in his body. He is healed now and was cleared by the vet. This dog is a super athlete, he can run, jump, swim and will be looking for an active home to thrive in. He is fully vetted, healthy and neutered.

Zoey- 7 Year Old Pomeranian- ADOPTED!

This adorable little girl is Zoey, a 7-ish year old Pomeranian who came to us from the shelter. She is happy, friendly, playful, affectionate and loves everyone. She is good with other dogs but likes to be the boss. She is also very chatty so a detached home will be a must. She would prefer an adult home or with older kids as she likes things calm and is a small girl. Zoey does have mildly luxating patellas but does not require intervention at this time. It is recommended she not jump off high surfaces or do high impact activities and joint supplements would be beneficial. None of this slows her down and otherwise she’s fit and healthy. Zoey has had a dental, is up to date on her shots and is spayed.

Adoption fee: $400

Benny- 8.5 Year Old Bull Terrier- ADOPTED!

Meet Benny, an 8-9 yr old Bull Terrier.

Don’t let Benny’s age fool you, this boy can go go go! He lives for his people and to snuggle and just be with you. Benny is deaf but has been in training with Street Wise Canine and has learned basic signs and manners and how to relax. He’s easily over stimulated so will require a calm home, with another doggie pal in the country where he has a fenced yard and room to run. We are pretty sure he’s part billy goat as he loves to climb and you’ll often find him napping in a bin or on top of something in a closet.

Benny is great with people, kids, other dogs, cats and his best friend is a pot bellied pig . He is super sweet and craves human touch and interaction. It is important for him to be crated at times during the day so his mind can stop and he can chill.

Benny is up to date on vaccinations and is neutered. His adoption fee is $300.

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