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Winston- 6 Year Old Corgi/Chihuahua Mix- Not Yet Available

Not Yet Available- Winston, a 6yr old-ish Corgi x chi. He is very friendly and will be snapped up pretty quickly when ready.

Ru- 13.5 Year Old Shitzu Mix- Compassionate Adoption

Ru is a 13.5 year old male tiny teddy bear (shitzu mix) looking for a compassionate adoption. He is a quiet boy with diminished sight and hearing but happily plods along. He loves to be near his people for a good pet and scratch. Due to his age and general health, he does sleep a lot and tends to wander around at night. He is house trained but should be let out often to avoid any accidents. Ru is looking for a quiet home with someone home most of the time. He is fine with other dogs but would do best in a home without small children as he is a little frail. He is fine on leash and loves to go for short walks and sniff around.

** Ru will be a compassionate adoption and therefore has no adoption fee.  Her new family will be responsible for the cost of all future medication. **

Moss- 3 Year Old Labrador- ADOPTED!

This handsome guy is Moss, a loveable and cuddly 3 year old Labrador.  Moss absolutely loves people and actively seeks out cuddles and snuggles.  He seems to crave human attention and is definitely more interested in being with people than other dogs.  Moss gets along just fine with the resident dog in his foster home and is friendly when he meets other dogs on walks but he doesn’t show much interest in playing with them.  He does LOVE to play a good game of fetch though!  He has been wonderful with the kids in his foster home but Moss is a big boy who doesn’t realize his size.  He may prove to be too much dog for very young kids.

Moss needs to lose about 10 pounds so his new family must be committed to providing him with plenty of exercise.  He needs to work on his leash manners as he does pull and because of his size, he is very strong.    Moss is learning commands but so far only sits for a treat.  He would benefit from training classes.  Moss is crated while his foster family is at work and has shown no issues with it.  When he has been given the freedom to be loose at night, he has had some overnight accidents.  He also marked when he first arrived into care. He needs more time to adjust to living in a house and learning routines and expectations.  Because of this, Moss would likely do best with a family that is home throughout the day or else he would need to be crated all day and then again overnight.  That would be too much for a dog like Moss who absolutely adores human affection.  Moss is always within a few feet from his foster family and has been known to sneak into bed with them when they are asleep!

Moss is neutered and is up to date on all his vaccines.

Adoption Fee $400

Porty- 10 Year Old Bichon Mix- Pending Adoption

Porty is a happy go lucky 10 year old Bichon x. Porty loves humans and getting lots of pets, doesn’t mind cats and is very interested in other dogs. You can usually find him wagging his tail as soon as a human shows interest in him. He loves sleeping in his crate at night (with the door wide open), and, as he is an older gentleman he takes his share of naps. He is not crated during the day and does very well in the house.

Porty came to ODR due to neglect. As a result, he has lost twelve teeth. We have also learned he has the early stages of cataracts in both eyes and hearing loss. The Vet says he may have a bit of trouble seeing at night, but foster momma says he has no trouble getting around whatsoever. Porty responds well when he sees you but must be kept on leash at all times when outside as he does not have verbal recall due to his hearing loss. This could be remedied through specific training.

Though he does have some challenges he has maintained a wonderful demeanour. When he wants something he stares at his foster momma and shivers and whines. He is housebroken but if you miss his cue, he may pee on the floor. His routine and cues are easy to learn and for the most part he only goes when he goes on a walk.

Porty loves to go for 15-20 min walks. The more times throughout the day the better. Porty has not been interested in toys but has tried to chew on bones. He likes to go in the car but will fidget for a bit before he settles down for a nap.

The ideal home for Porty would have someone home during the day or most of the day, and would have another dog for company. His foster mom does work during the day and he does well, but, as he is a very social fellow, if his fur brother is not at home with him when she is at work, he will get lonely and bark until she returns. Tail wags and happy dances will return right away.

Overall he is a beautiful little dog that will make a lovely companion for the right home.

Schnitzel- 10 Year Old Daschund- ADOPTED!

Schnitzel the Dashing Dachshund! He is a 10 year old grey and black dapple senior who is looking for his retirement home.

In the words of his foster: He loves his humans and likes nothing better than falling asleep beside his human on the couch or chair. He does not have to be crated, although will get into the garbage or Kleenex if available. Wonderful personality, happy, loving, good natured, he talks in “Dashound” noises, little squeaks apparently particular to this breed when they want something. It sounds like a dog whimper and a gerbil noise all together. 

He loves his walks but only slowly and not very far. He will play with his ball for hours and really loves his toys. He is deaf and is learning hand signals so someone with experience with deaf dogs would be an asset. Schnitzel gets along with other dogs but has not been cat tested. He is also good with children and doesn’t jump up.

Schnitzel does have separation anxiety so we will be looking for a home for him where his people are home more often than not and who are in detached housing. He has been neutered, has received his vaccines and a dental.

His adoption fee is $300.

Boady- 9 Year Old Golden Retriever- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – Meet Boady, a 9 year old Golden Retriever mix that came to us from the shelter. His temperament is great, sweet and gentle. He is friendly with dogs, lived with cats, house trained, mostly quiet when left alone. He can bark when first meeting a stranger but warms up quickly. His assessment was fabulous – the only thing he doesn’t like is his feet touched. He has a double ear infection, broken teeth, hot spots, and is severely overweight (suspected thyroid issue) but we are getting him back in shape and he will soon be ready to find his Furever home. Side note: he apparently loves to swim and can’t get enough of the water.

Callie- 11 Year Old Bichon Mix- Compassionate Placement

Callie is a sweet, senior dog who is looking for quiet and TLC in her retirement years.  She was in rough shape when she arrived in care and her foster parents have spent the last month helping her to feel better.  Callie’s mouth was in horrible condition and all of her teeth needed to be removed.  She is now feeling so much better.  Callie is almost blind but does have some sight in her left eye.  After spending a bit of time in a new environment, she is able to map out the space and gets around just fine.  She enjoys wandering around the house and choosing between the many dog beds available to curl up in.  Callie suffers from dry eyes and will need daily cleaning and drops for the remainder of her years.  She is also taking a daily dose of Metacam to help ease the pain of sore joints.  The spring has returned to her step now that she is on daily pain meds.  

Callie gets along great with the other dogs in her foster home and is now starting to look for cuddles and affection from her foster parents.  She is a low energy, senior dog who is happy to spend her days napping.  But don’t be late with her dinner because she will start looking for it!  Callie is let out every few hours to do her business and will let you know that the she needs to go outside by standing at the patio door.  She enjoys very short walks, especially in this heat.  Callie hasn’t been able to climb stairs so she will either need a one level home or a family who doesn’t mind carrying her up and down.  Callie would do best in a quiet home where someone is around during the day.

Callie has received a full dental, geriatric bloodwork and is now up to date on all vaccines.  Our veterinarian believes she is already spayed.

Can you provide Callie with the retirement home she deserves?

** Callie will be adopted out as a “compassionate placement” which means there will be no adoption fee charged.  Her new family will be responsible for the cost of all future medication. **


Chloe- 5 Year Old Shepherd Mix- ADOPTED!

Chloé is a 5 year old Shepherd Lab mix who came to us from the shelter as she was left there after her elderly owner died. Initially thought to need medical attention for her foot, after some investigating it turns out, her front foot is deformed and is something she was most likely born with. She does limp after walking after 10 minutes but she doesn’t appear to be in any pain. She gets daily to manage. Her walks are kept to 15 minutes a few times a day as she starts to limp a bit and pants excessively.

It seems as though Chloe has also been debarked and is therefore not vocal. Chloe can give a paw, she sits, comes, stop, lie down. She is very obedient and now bilingual.  Chloe is almost completely housetrained, unless left for longer than 8 hours at a time, she can have an accident. She is not destructive when left at home. She’s nervous for the first little bit around kids then totally fine and becomes at ease. She’s been around older children so we are looking for a home with children no younger than 12.

She seems uninterested in cats and fairly uninterested in other dogs as well; she’s not interested in meeting them, but also fine if they approach her. She is very low energy.  Chloe is great on leash, doesn’t pull and very good off leash – she will try to chase a rabbit or a squirrel but isn’t very fast and will return when called. 

Sweet, affectionate, loyal, and just overall a great dog. Chloé loves belly rubs and scratches behind the ears and she will protest when you stop too soon!

Chloe is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $400.




NOT AVAILABLE YET – Newly arrived Chloe is a 5 yr old Shep mix who came to us from the shelter. She was left there after her elderly owner died and she has front leg deformities that need investigating. She seems to get along just fine, but we want to make sure she’s pain free and comfortable. She’s been through a lot and is timid at first, but she is starting to relax with her fosters and is seeking affection

Kiki- 2.5 Year Old Husky/Boxer Mix- Available

I’m a young husky/ boxer mix, about 2.5 yrs old, and I love to run at full speed anywhere I go. I’m still learning the basic manners that come along with being a house pet but I already have learned a lot and I am looking forward to learning more. I’m now fully crate trained, up to date on all shots and spayed. I like to please but I need to work on my jumping, I just get so excited to see people. I’m dog friendly but think I would do well with no small children, I wouldn’t want to knock them over but my body tends to wiggle with so much puppy love.  I also don’t like cats, well, I do, but I want to chase them and jump on them, so I can’t go to a home with cats.

Do you like me already? Or know of someone who would? Paw five to everyone who will help me find my perfect family.”

Adoption fee – $400



Mac- 1 Year Old American Bulldog- ADOPTED!

AVAILABLE – This BIG boy is Mac, a +\- 1 year old 90lbs American bulldog. This boy is a huge suck and just loves peoples and kids. He is ok with female dogs, and since being neutered he is much better with male dogs but we do recommend slow intros. He is house and crate trained and walks really nicely on leash. Mac would love a home with kids to play with and he doesn’t seem to care about cats. This guy is a giant luv bug who deserves to be snuggled and adored.

Adoption fee $550

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