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Mimi- 6 Years Old- Not Yet Available

Little Mimi came into care a few weeks ago. She was a stray at the shelter and needed foster care as she had “elephant skin” a bad skin yeast infection and missing hair all over. We believe she may be 6 years old and will have a better idea of her mix once her fur grows in.

She is amazingly sweet, friendly and outgoing and she’s good with kids and other dogs :). She is having medicated baths every few days and treatment for allergies and yeast infection after which we will start looking for her Furever home.

Annabelle- 1 Year Old Great Dane- Not Yet Available

This big pony… we mean puppy… is Annabelle. She’s an almost one year old Great Dane who recently came into care. She has now been spayed and is current on vaccinations. Annabelle’s a sweet goofy pup who lived with other dogs and cats, though she gets unbelievably excited at the sight of another dog on leash so will need leash training and obedience classes will be mandatory for adoption. She’s very strong and still wiggly and clumsy so no young kids is best as she could easily knock them over. She is also very tall and can reach counter tops so her new home will have to be patient in teaching her boundaries. She likes to snuggle and though she doesn’t love her crate she settles well and it is best to crate her until she outgrows her puppy stage.

We will be looking for a home with Dane experience to help her learn her size and her manners.

Annabelle’s adoption fee is $550

Toto- 1 Year Old Beagle- Available

Available for adoption! This sweet and affectionate one year old beagle boy is Toto. He is hoping that he’ll find his Furever home quickly and finally be able to say “there’s no place like home”.

He is a ball of puppy energy – friendly, playful, goofy and gets along well with other dogs and kids. No attached housing for this guy as he can be somewhat vocal (he’s a beagle ). He is housetrained and crate trained but prefers to have the crate in the same room as his people for sleeping. Like all beagles, he needs lots of stimulation and exercise. He also follows his nose at every opportunity so a fully fenced yard is an absolute must. No kitties or small animals because once again…he’s a beagle and loves to chase. Being a young pup he will require some basic obedience classes to work on recall and leash walking. He does “sit” and “lie” down like a champ for a treat though so we are confident he will be a fast learner. Another active canine friend would be great to keep him happy and give him an outlet for his playfulness. He also loves to cuddle up with his people and will come snuggle and seek affection.

Toto’s adoption fee is $400 and he is fully vetted and neutered

Bella- 8 Year Old Mini Schnauzer- Pending Adoption

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!! Introducing Bella, or Bella Bear as she has been affectionately named by her foster family. She is an 8-year-old, 14 lb. mini schnauzer who sweet albeit timid and looking for a forever family that will win her trust and heart with consistency and gentle, steady movements. Quick actions and loud noises cause her to jump and hide. Bella is working on building her confidence so that she doesn’t cower when people bend down to pet her. She does seem to prefer females over males. Bella currently has no desire to play with toys, children or other dogs. She ignores her foster doggie brother and no amount of prodding from him will encourage her to play. She is wonderful on leash and a dream in the car. She is fully crate trained and is nondestructive in the home. She can be vocal when she is initially put in her crate (or taken out) or in the backyard so a detached home may be best. At bedtime, Bella is happy to curl up on her doggie bed. Bella knows her basic commands but would probably be easily trained as she is very food motivated. Bella Bear is a lovely, sweet girl that deserves a special furever home.
Her adoption fee is $300 and she is fully vetted.

Pablo Escobark- 6 Year Old Chihuahua- Not Yet Available

NOT AVAILABLE YET – meet Pablo Escobark, a 6 yr old chihuahua who came to us from the shelter where he was terrified. Once in his foster home he settled down and is really a sweet little thing. He has typical chihuahua attitude and behaviours but loves other dogs and is learning to trust his foster family. Initially he is defensive if you move too fast or roughly but he has only mouthed so far and even that is improving greatly as he becomes more comfortable. He is house trained, enjoys his walks and really likes to play with dogs his size. More info once he sees our vet for his exam and neuter.
** Please note that if you submit an application we will only be responding once he is available and we have sorted through them all.

Aurora & Luna- 6 Year Old Chihuahuas- Not Yet Available

These two super sweet chis who were used for breeding arrived in care last weekend. Aurora and Luna are approx. 6 yrs old and are loving being in a calm and quiet foster home. They both need to be spayed and are in dire need of dentals. They are very cuddly and friendly, are doing well with house and crate training and love lounging and snuggling.

Andie- 7 Year Old Goldendoodle- Adopted

Meet Andie! She is a 7 year old white Goldendoodle and she is wonderful. Andie is smart, listens well and has wonderful manners inside the house. She sits, shakes a paw and lays down on command- preferably in french but she isn’t picky. Andie is quiet and calm in the house and doesn’t try to get up on the furniture. She’s happy to lay her head beside you for a scratch or to sleep at your feet. Andie doesn’t like the crate but she doesn’t need it.
She loves meeting people and is fine with all dogs. Andie hasn’t been around kids while in care but we don’t think there would be any issues as she is so sweet and gentle. She is quite interested in cats but doesn’t seem aggressive so a dog savvy cat is doable – though her attention may be too much for most cats. Andie does have a tendency to try and run out the door/gate so she needs to be in a home with a fully fenced yard to keep her safe.
Andie is spayed and is fully up to date on all shots. She will make an outstanding addition for a very lucky family.

Adoption Fee: $400

Morty- 8 Year Old Shih Tzu/Bichon Mix- Adopted!

Although Morty has a lot of energy for a senior, his happy place is on his human’s lap. He’s a very adaptable guy and doesn’t get phased by new situations.He gets along well with other dogs and simply loves human attention. He has next to no prey drive, so cats aren’t an issue for him. He was found on the street, but he’s quickly picking up commands and is eager to please. He can sit and stay and has excellent recall. He is house trained and crate trained, but we are working on his separation anxiety when left alone. He’ll need structure so he can continue to gain more confidence and independence in his new home.

Although his coat sheds very little if at all, Morty came to us with very itchy skin from flea dermatitis. It is recommended that he remain on a grain free fish based food and his current allergy medication helps keep things in check. This can be revisited with the adopters veterinarian as he may not require it long term.
Morty is neutered, has had a dental and is fully up to date on vaccinations.

Adoption Fee: $300

Faey- 2 Year Old Husky/Lab Mix- Pending Adoption

Faey is a 2 year old husky lab mix and is a friendly, gentle gir. As a former reserve dog she really enjoys the company of other dogs, but also likes to cuddle up in your lap and have her belly rubbed. She is fully house trained although prefers to do her business on her walks. She isn’t destructive at all and can be left loose in the house but we are working on crate training. She struggles with the idea of going into her crate, but is quiet once she actually goes inside. She likes to collect her toys and any shoes left lying around, so you will often find her curled up on her bed with all her treasures (none destroyed or damaged). Her absolute favourite thing to do is hang out in the sun and watch nature at work and would do best with an active family, who will take her out and keep her busy. She is friendly when meeting new people – a little reserved at first, she does warm up quickly but the social butterfly in her takes a few meetings to truly shine through. 

Faey is a very laid back girl, very easy going, really an overall easy dog. She would love it if she could live in the country, but would adjust to suburban life just fine, as long she can enjoy the great outdoors and a good run. Another bonus is she loves care rides and travels easily. She is good with respectful kids, is great with dogs and and can live with dog savvy cats that will put her in her place.  She has minimal food and toy drive but does enjoy her squeaky toys, and will also try to chase birds, squirrels and rabbits if given the opportunity. She is fully vaccinated and spayed. This little beauty will steal your heart with how sweet and adorable she is.

Adoption fee $400

George- 10 Year Old Schnauzer Mix- Adopted!

Hi. I’m George a 10 year old Shnauzer mix. My foster Mama named me after George Clooney cause I’m so good looking. I love people, dogs, older children and cats. I have a bit of arthritis and an old injury on my left back leg but I don’t let that stop me. I’m very social and love to go for walks and meet the people and other dogs in the neighborhood. One nice lady comes out and gives me treats on my evening walk. I love treats! My foster brother and sister take care of me and are teaching me how to play and have fun. One of my favourite things to do is snuggle and watch TV with my special person. I just finished season 7 of Game of Thrones and foster Mama says she’ll look for something else for me to watch. I’m housebroken, crate trained and utd with my shots. Do you have a Furever home for me?

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